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Commentary No. 022 - Radiological Health Protection Issues Associated With Use of Active Detection Technology Systems for Detection of Radioactive Threat Materials (2011)

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NCRP Commentary No. 22:

-examines the potential radiation doses from ADT systems to operating personnel, bystanders, and other individuals in the inspected areas; and design and operational factors that must be considered in assessing the safety and efficiency of ADT systems.

-provides recommendations on the research, development and fielding of ADT systems under consideration by DTRA to optimize the effective and safe use of these systems; address the full range of safety and health concerns associated with the deployment of ionizing radiation systems that currently exist, are under development, or may be developed in the future for the detection and interdiction of weapons of mass destruction SNM devices that could be used in acts of terrorism.

-endorses the recommendations and analyses of Commentary No. 21 (2011) of the issues of importance in the development and deployment of security systems involving ionizing radiation.

-provides recommendations related to radiation protection design considerations, engineering controls, and operational practices and procedures for the various ADT systems that are being evaluated by DTRA and its contractors. The technologies under consideration for ADT systems will employ radiation sources for detection of SNM and other radiological materials of possible use in weapons of mass destruction. It is planned for these active detection systems to be deployable at standoff ranges or in shielded configurations.
Scientific Committee:
John F. Ahearne, Chairman

Lawrence T. Dauer
Christine A. Donahue
Norman C. Fost
Helen A. Grogan
Daniel F. Kassiday
James C. Liu
Kathryn H. Pryor
Scottie W. Walker
Glen I. Reeves, Consultant
S. James Adelstein, Advisor
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