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Report No. 041 - Specification of Gamma-Ray Brachytherapy Sources (1974)

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This Report is concerned with the spccification of sealed sources of nuclides which emit gamma rays-sources useful in brachytherapy. The Report resulted from the Council's belief that a single well-defined method for specifying the radionuclide in an encapsulated source would be advantageous for both the users and the suppliers of such sources. Presently, encapsulated radionuclides are being specified in terms of the activity of the radionuclide, in terms of the equivalent mass of radium, or in terms of the exposure rate at a specified distance from the source. This Report examines each of these methods of specification and, on the basis of this examination, develops recommendations on the method of specification considered to be appropriate. Although the subject matter presented in this Report is related to that found in NCRP Report No. 40, Protection Against Radiation From Brachytherapy Sources, this Report's content is limited to the characteristics of the sources themselves rather than to a discussion of the way in which they may and should be used.
Scientific Committee:
Marvin M. D. Williams, Chairman

Ivan M. Grotenhuis
Antolin Raventos
Robert J. Shalek
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