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Report No. 042 - Radiological Factors Affecting Decision-Making in a Nuclear Attack (1974)

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This Report was prepared to assist in preparedness activities for large disasters in which exposure of many people to nuclear radiation is of primary concern. In particular, those officially responsible for civilian preparedness against nuclear attack should find this report a basic resource for their task. It is an attempt to describe the important characteristics of radiation, with emphasis on radioactive fallout, and radiation injury so that they can be understood by people who will be responsible for decision-making in civil defense ope&ions in a nuclear attack. The recommendatiom must be regarded as reflecting the NCRP's best effort to evaluate information presently available; they may be modified as more knowledge becomes available.
Scientific Committee:
G.V. Leroy, Chairman (1968-70)
G.W. Cassarett, Chairman (1970-74)

E.L. Alpen
J.L. Bateman
H.A. Blair
J. T. Brennan
R. J. Hasterlik
C. C. Lushbaugh
J. H. Rust
J.C. Greene, Consultant
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