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Report No. 050 - Environmental Radiation Measurements (1976)

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This Report presents information on the properties of widelydistributed radionuclides and of typical radiation fields in the environment (Section 2), and on methods for their measurement (Sections 4-6). Emphasis is placed on the role of measurements in the realistic assessment of dose to man (see especially Section 3). Techniques applicable to routine monitoring programs during normal operation of nuclear facilities are described. Evaluations are made throughout the Report of the available and developing measurement methods. Areas are identified where present knowledge is limited due to the lack of adequate measurement capabilities or systematic data collection and appraisal (Section 7). The special requirements for monitoring abnormal occurrences such as large releases of radionuclides and for occupational radiation protection are not considered.
Scientific Committee:
James E. McLaughlin, Chairman

Ten expert members and consultants.
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