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Report No. 057 - Instrumentation and Monitoring Methods for Radiation Protection (1978)

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NCRP has made recommendations for the protection of individuals who may be exposed to radiation occupationally, or otherwise. To implement the recommendations, it is necessary to examine the radiation environment of persons, to evaluate the factors determining the likelihood of their exposure, and to estimate the actual exposure. It is the object of this Report to describe methods and instrumentation currently available for these purposes. The techniques, instruments, and practices described are applicable to all types of institutions concerned with radiation or radioactive materials. These institutions include industrial plants, scientific laboratories, universities, and hospitals or clinics. The radiation sources considered include x-ray machines, sealed and unsealed radioactive materials, low-energy accelerators, and low-power nuclear reactors. Additional and more elaborate instrumentation and measurement programs may be necessary and appropriate for specialized installations which may have unique problems beyond the scope of this Report.
Scientific Committee:
Arthur R. Keene, Chairman (1960 - 1967)
Edward W. Webster, Chairman (1968 - 1978)

Margarete Ehrlich
John S. Handloser
Jack S. Krohmer
Richard T. Mooney
Jacques Ovadia
William C. Roesch
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