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Report No. 063 - Tritium and Other Radionuclide Labeled Organic Compounds Incorporated in Genetic Material (1979)

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This Report addresses special hazards that might arise from the temporary or permanent incorporation of various radionuclides into the genetic material of the cell. NCRP was originally concerned with the question: "Does incorporation of tritium labeled thymidine directly into the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of synthesizing cells introduce complications that make the values of maximum permissible concentration (MPC) given in NCRP Report No. 22 (NCRP, 1959) inappropriate for this special case?" As the Council began to study this question, it became apparent that a broader consideration of various compounds labeled with several different radionuclides would be useful. The Council concluded that the use of various types of labeled compounds does introduce complications that do indeed make the use of certain values given in NCRP Report No. 22 inappropriate.
Scientific Committee:
Eugene P. Cronkite, Chairman

Ten expert members.
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