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Report No. 064 - Influence of Dose and Its Distribution in Time on Dose-Response Relationships for Low-LET Radiations (1980)

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The aim of this Report is to assess the genetic and carcinogenic effects of exposure in man to low doses of low-LET radiation, and to high doses delivered either at low-dose rates or in small increments protracted in time. Such effects may be expected in theory and on a statistical basis to occur at doses and dose rates well below those that cause acute effects. The assessment of the effects is then used to examine the validity of estimating the risk to man by interpolation from levels of effects observed at high doses and dose rates, on the assumption of a linear no-threshold dose-response relationship.
Scientific Committee:
Arthur C. Upton, Chairman (1972-1977)
Victor P. Bond, Chairman (1977-1980)

Fourteen expert members and consultants
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