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Report No. 068 - Radiation Protection In Pediatric Radiology (1978)

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The purpose of this report is to make available a source of practical information regarding the manner in which radiologic examinations in children should be conducted to reduce the radiation dose to these patients and those responsible for their care. The emphasis is on radiologic examinations as they affect children, although some additional material of more general interest is included for completeness. The report. is mainly for the use of pediatricians, radiologists, radiologic technologists, and other physicians and medical practitioners who order or use radiological methods in examining children. It is recognized that there are many approaches to the reduction of dose in the radiologic examination of children. The guidelines in this report are intended as assistance in the reduction of unnecessary radiation exposure and should not be construed as specific regulations.
Scientific Committee:
Andrew K. Poznanski, Chairman

Scott Dunbar
Herman Grossman
John A. Kirkpatrick
William McSweeney
Lester Weiss
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