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Report No. 072 - Radiation Protection and Measurements for Low Voltage Neutron Generators (1983)

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Report No. 72 is concerned with neutron generators that operate at voltages below a few hundred kilovolts and produce neutrons chiefly by the T(d,n) reaction. The Report provides information on the radiation protection problems in the use of these generators and the means available for dealing with these problems. It is intended to serve as a guide to good practice and bring together in one place, a number of recommendations relevant to the use of low voltage neutron generators that have appeared in other NCRP documents. The Report surveys the radiations produced by low voltage neutron generators and their measurement. It then addresses the fundamentals of radiation protection, including shielding and physical safeguards. Guidance is given on radioactive waste resulting from the use of neutron generators and information is provided on nonradiation hazards and licensing. Appendices provide definitions of terms and treat the measurement of tritium and D-T neutron shielding.
Scientific Committee:
William C. Roesch, Chairman

William S. Lyon, Jr.
Peter Wooton
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