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Report No. 073 - Protection In Nuclear Medicine And Ultrasound Diagnostic Procedures In Children (1983)

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The use of nuclear medicine and ultrasound in pediatric patients has undergone rapid growth in recent years. As in other branches of the radiological sciences, nuclear medicine practice should minimize radiation dose and, consequently, possible biological damage, provided that necessary information desired from the procedure is not diminished. As no significant biological effects from ultrasound diagnostic studies in pediatric patients have been reported, the implications of use must be treated in a more theoretical context. This Report considers the special problems of radiation protection and the biological effects of radiation associated with pediatric nuclear medicine and the biological implications from studies using ultrasound in pediatric patients. Pediatric patients are affected by different diseases from adults and respond in a different manner to illness. Similarly, the implications of any imposed biological burden are different from those in adult patients. NCRP Report No. 68 has considered the biological effects of conventional radiographic studies in pediatric patients (NCRP, 1981). Nuclear medicine and ultrasound equipment will be considered in general terms with special emphasis on specific application to the pediatric patient. The report includes a section devoted to the estimation of radiation dose, from a selected group of commonly used radionuclides, as derived from several pediatric phantoms. This Report also presents an appendix with an extensive tabulation of mean doses per cumulative activity (S values).
Scientific Committee:
A. Everette James, Jr., Chairman

Glenn V. Dalrymple
David L. Gilday
James G. Kereiakes
John W. Poston
Eugene L. Saenger
Michael M. Ter-Pogossian
Robert W. Miller, Advisor
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