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Report No. 074 - Biological Effects of Ultrasound: Mechanisms and Clinical Implications (1983)

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Ultrasound is a very widely used modality in medicine, both therapeutically and diagnostically. Today, most infants in the US have been subjected to ultrasound examination in utero. Consequently, the biological effects of such exposures, if there are any, are of considerable importance. The present Report covers the basic physics of ultrasound with an emphasis on medical ultrasound fields. Treated are physical mechanisms for biological effects, the effects of ultrasound on plant, animal, human and in vitro systems. The Report provides recommendations for clinical safety and identifies research needs. Regarding human exposure, the Report specifically addresses applications of ultrasound in the areas of medical diagnosis, dentistry, physical therapy, surgery and hyperthermia. This Report is considered to represent a thorough coverage of the biological effects of ultrasound with special attention to clinical applications. As such, it is intended to be a valuable resource for health professionals and others involved with or interested in the use of ultrasound. NCRP is pleased to acknowledge the help of the Bioeffects and Standards Committees of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), whose members provided critical review of the Report at various stages of its preparation. AIUM is a Collaborating Organization of NCRP.
Scientific Committee:
Wesley L. Nyborg, Chairman

Paul L. Carson
Floyd Dunn
Douglas L. Miller
Morton W. Miller
Marvin C. Ziskin
Edward L. Carstensen, Advisor
Horace E. Thompson, Advisor
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