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MPPG Report 4.b - Medical physics practice guideline 4.b: Development, implementation, use and maintenance of safety checklists (2023)

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The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) is a nonprofit professional society whose primary purposes are to advance the science, education, and professional practice of medical physics. The AAPM has more than 8000 members and is the principal organization of medical physicists in the US. The AAPM will periodically define new practice guidelines for medical physics practice to help advance the science of medical physics and to improve the quality of service to patients throughout the US. Existing medical physics practice guidelines will be reviewed for the purpose of revision or renewal, as appropriate, on their fifth anniversary or sooner. Each medical physics practice guideline represents a policy statement by the AAPM, has undergone a thorough consensus process in which it has been subjected to extensive review, and requires the approval of the Professional Council. The medical physics practice guidelines recognize that the safe and effective use of diagnostic and therapeutic radiology requires specific training, skills, and techniques, as described in each document. Reproduction or modification of the published practice guidelines and technical standards by those entities not providing these services is not authorized. The following terms are used in the AAPM practice guidelines: Must and must not: Used to indicate that adherence to the recommendation is considered necessary to conform to this practice guideline. While must is the term to be used in the guidelines, if an entity that adopts the guideline has shall as the preferred term, the AAPM considers that must and shall have the same meaning. Should and should not: Used to indicate a prudent practice to which exceptions may occasionally be made in appropriate circumstances.

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

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Keywords: MPPG, practice guideline, safety checklist

Leigh A. Conroy, Jacqueline T. Faught, Erika Bowers, Gillian Ecclestone, Luis E. Fong de los Santos, Annie Hsu, Jennifer Lynn Johnson, Grace Gwe-Ya Kim, Naomi Schechter, Leah K. Schubert, David A. Sterling

Committee Responsible: Clinical Practice
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