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MPPG Report 10.a - AAPM medical physics practice guideline 10.a.: Scope of practice for clinical medical physics (2018)

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Qualified Medical Physicists (QMPs, AAPM Professional Policy 11) are members of multidisciplinary health care teams. As medical specialists, QMPs are dedicated to ensuring the safety of patients, medical staff, and the general public and improving quality of care to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment of disease. These outcomes are achieved through numerous and varied activities, many of which are outlined in the Appendix: Scope of Practice Combined Task List. The skills required to perform these tasks are uniquely obtained through the scientific and clinical training of a medical physicist. The appendix organizes tasks in imaging and therapy medical physics by categories including administrative, clinical, educational, informatics, equipment performance evaluation (EPE), quality, and safety. Each task or activity indicates the AAPMs recommendation on the involvement of the QMP: Activity must be performed by a QMP Activity must be performed or supervised by a QMP Activity should include a QMP

Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics

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Jessica Clements, Christopher T. Baird, Steven F. de Boer, Lynne A. Fairobent, FHPS, Tyler S. Fisher, James H. Goodwin, Dustin A. Gress, Jennifer Lynn Johnson, Kathryn L. Kolsky, Gig S. Mageras, Rebecca M. Marsh, Melissa Carol Martin, Brent C. Parker, Daniel C. Pavord, Michael C. Schell, J. Anthony Seibert, Donna M. Stevens, Russell Blaine Tarver, Christopher Waite-Jones, Nicholai Wingreen

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