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NRC Grants Recognized Status to ABR for 10 CFR 35.50 and 35.51

The NRC has granted recognized status to the American Board of Radiology (ABR) for both 10 CFR 35.50 Radiation Safety Officers and 10 CFR 35.51 Authorized Medical Physicists. The following has been added to the NRC web site today. This means that medical physicists certified by the ABR in the areas mentioned from June 2007 forward may apply to be listed on an NRC or Agreement State license via the Board pathway. The AAPM is aware that the recognition of ABR Medical Physics certifications by the NRC with an effective date of 2007 will cause significant problems for experienced medical physicists with existing certificates. We have been working with the NRC staff to find a solution to this problem. If you or one of your colleagues has had difficulty being named on a radioactive materials license as an AMP or RSO due to this problem, please contact Lynne Fairobent, AAPM's Manager of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs at lynne@aapm.org.

Specialty Board(s) Certification Recognized by NRC Under 10 CFR Part 35