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2018 Education & Research Fund Annual Report

What is the AAPM Education and Research Fund?

The AAPM Development Committee was created by a motion passed by the Board of Directors in July, 1989. The Mission Statement gives the following purpose:

All monies donated to the AAPM Education and Research Fund are irrevocable gifts, and are tax deductible. Due to an initial fund-raising campaign in 1993-1995, together with very generous gifts from the Radiological Society of North America and donations from members, the E. & R. Fund has now grown to over $1 million.

What has been done so far?

Beginning in 1992, the Development Committee actively sought renewable funding to sponsor Residencies and Fellowships. The Radiological Society of North America has generously supported one pre-doctoral Fellowship on an ongoing basis since 1990 and two residencies since 1998. In 2012, the AAPM Board of Directors approved $560,000 in funding for new imaging physics residencies, either diagnostic or nuclear medicine. The RSNA is partnering with AAPM on this program and will provide an additional $560,000. With this funding, it will be possible to provide matching support for eight new imaging residencies. The American Society for Therapeutic Radiation and Oncology supported two residencies in Clinical Radiation Oncology from 1992 until 2006. Varian Medical Systems supported two residencies in Clinical Radiation Oncology from 1993 until 2007. Elekta Oncology supported one residency in Clinical Radiation Therapy per year from 1998 until 2002. The Development Committee voted to support a second pre-doctoral Fellowship beginning in 1999, supported by revenue from the AAPM Education and Research Fund. Starting in 2005, the AAPM has been awarding research seed grants from the E. & R. Fund, and have so far made 14 such awards. A total of 73 Residents and 19 pre-doctoral Fellows have now received support from these programs. A total of 45 different hospitals and academic institutions have participated in these programs. All Residencies are supported by matching funds from the host institution.

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Who is on the AAPM Development Committee?

You can find the roster of members of the AAPM Development Committee on the AAPM Committee Tree.

Who has Received the Award in the Past?

A list of Award Recipients can be found here.

Who has Contributed to the Fund?

A list of Education Fund Donors can be found here.