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2022 AAPM 64th Annual Meeting - Session: Recruitment and Applications from Grad School through Early Career: Both Points of View Q & A

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Q & A

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All videos in this session:
Introduction - Joshua Wilson, PhD Duke University Health System
The Program's POV: Applicant Review and Screening - Kristi Hendrickson, PhD University of Washington
The Applicant's POV: Material Preparation and Applying - Robert Rodgers, MS Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
The Program's POV: Strategies for Structured and Virtual Interviewing - Titania Juang, PhD UC San Diego
The Applicant's POV: The Interview - Timothy Ritter, PhD VCU Health System
The Program's POV: Selection and Deciding - Yvette Perry University of Toledo
The Applicant's POV: Selection and Deciding - James Brindle, PhD Rhode Island Hospital / Warren Alpert Medical
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