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2018 AAPM Annual Meeting - Session: AAPM Grand Challenges Symposium: Image Reconstruction for 4D-CBCT

4D-CBCT reconstruction using prior knowledge and deformation models (Y. Zhang, Z. Jiang, X. Liu, L. Ren)
Yawei Zhang, Duke University Medical Center

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All videos in this session:
The AAPM Working Group on Grand Challenges - Samuel Armato, PhD The University of Chicago
NCI Resources and Support for Imaging Challenges - Keyvan Farahani, PhD National Cancer Institute
SPARE: Sparse-view Reconstruction Challenge for 4D Cone-beam CT - Chun-Chien Shieh, The University of Sydney
Data-Driven Respiratory Motion Compensation for 4D-CBCT Using Groupwise Deformable Registration (M. Riblett, G. Hugo) - Matthew J Riblett Virginia Commonwealth University
Motion-compensation and motion-aware temporal regularization for improved 4D-CBCT reconstruction (C. Mory, S. Rit) - Chun-Chien Shieh, The University of Sydney (for Cyril Mory and Simon Rit)
Q & A -
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