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Promotional Email Program (PEP)

The PEP offers an unprecedented opportunity for Corporate Affiliates, exhibitors and interested, pre-approved vendors to reach AAPM members via their emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the PEP cost? (back to the top)

A. AAPM Corporate Affiliates pay a service fee of $1,000 plus $0.75 per Member email address. Companies that are not AAPM Corporate Affiliates pay a service fee of $1,500 plus $1.25 per Member email address.

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Q. What do I get? (back to the top)

A. Because privacy is something AAPM strives to maintain, this exclusive opportunity is structured to ensure that Member contact information is not shared. Instead, all communication to the Member is channeled through AAPM HQ. It’s YOUR message, but AAPM’s platform.

Q. What do I need to do? (back to the top)

A. Go to pep.aapm.org

Q. Is there a rush charge if I need to send my message ASAP? (back to the top)

A. Yes, rush orders (less than 5 business days out) are subject to a premium one-time $100 fee.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee? (back to the top)

A. Cancellation is allowed, but the service fee is non-refundable.

Q. What happens next? (back to the top)

A. Once your reservation is paid, a member of our team will review your message to ensure it is suitable for our membership. On your reservation date, your message will be sent to your target audience.

Q. When will I know the actual amount that I’ll be billed? (back to the top)

A. After the email is sent out to your audience, we will send a bill to the billing address you entered for the exact number of actual emails sent.

Q. How often may we send out a message? (back to the top)

A. Messages are limited to 1 per day. Be sure to reserve your date now!

Q. Who should I contact if my questions aren’t found here or if I have additional questions? (back to the top)

A. Rohan Tapiyawala, direct dial 571.298.1268, email pep@aapm.org.


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