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Task Group No. 282 - Development of a new universal breast dosimetry method

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To develop and disseminate a new model and corresponding methodology to estimate the breast average glandular dose (AGD) from x-ray based image acquisitions including standard mammography, contrast-enhanced mammography, spot mammography, magnification mammography, and breast tomosynthesis. The developed method will include the definitions of a reference air kerma measurement procedure, reference breast representations, phantom(s) to query the response of the automatic exposure control (AEC) in a clinically realistic fashion, and conversion factors to estimate the AGD from the reference measurements. Recommendations regarding the use and limitations of different metrics such as reference model AGD and patient model AGD will be included. Since it is envisioned that this single new model and method will replace the current disparate methods used in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world, this TG will be an official TG of both the AAPM and EFOMP.

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Approved Date(s)Start: 4/14/2016
End: 12/31/2018
Committee Keywords: TG282
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Ioannis Sechopoulos
Task Group Chair

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VOTING AppointmentsThere are 10 members and guests.
John M. Boone, PhD

4/4/2016  Member
Hilde T. Bosmans, PhD

5/4/2017  Member
David R. Dance, PhD

4/14/2016  Task Group Vice Chair
Stephen J. Glick, PhD

7/6/2017  Member
Ioannis Sechopoulos, PhD

4/14/2016  Task Group Chair
NON-VOTING Appointments
Christian  Fedon

11/27/2016  Consultant (nonvoting)
Andrew M. Hernandez, PhD

10/27/2016  Member (nonvoting)
Renata  Longo

10/27/2016  Consultant (nonvoting)
Ruben Van Engen

4/14/2016  Consultant (nonvoting)
Kenneth C. Young, PhD

4/14/2016  Consultant (nonvoting)

None Appointed