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Service Kit

Official Service Providers:

  • Association Freight – Air Freight, International Shipping & Customs Brokerage Services
  • Brede/Allied Exposition - Show Service Contractor
  • Convention Communications – Hotel door drop service
  • Convention Data Services (CDS) – Registration, lead retrieval service
  • Hi Tech Electric - Electricity
  • Joe Orlando, Inc. - Photography
  • Projection, Inc. – Audio visual, computer rental
  • Urban Jungle, Inc. - Floral
  • SmartCity - Internet, Telephone
  • Walter E. Washington Convention Center
  • WideEmotion – Media wide screen advertising
  • YRC - Ground Freight

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File Return Form To Deadline Date
Audio Visual and Computer Rental Services Projection, Inc. July 18
(Advanced Rate)

The following items will be ordered via the Brede/Allied Expositions Online Ordering portal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have any questions or need assistance to access the system, or before or after placing your order via the Brede portal, please contact BREDE/ALLIED Customer Service Dept at 407-851-0261 or email info@bredeallied.com

Brede Online Deadline Date
Freight Move In Schedule July 28
8:00am - 5:00pm
Payment Terms Information July 18
Accessible storage ---
Cabinets July 18
Carpet July 18
Custom Carpet June 30
Cleaning July 18
Display Table July 18
Furniture July 18
Labor/Forklift ---
Material Handling Services July 18
Non-Official June 30
Rental Exhibit June 30
Signs June 30
Sign Hanging June 30
Shipping: Ground and Air Freight Services July 18
Special Drape June 30
Vehicle Spotting Service July 18
Union Regulations ---
File Return Form To Deadline Date
Food and Beverage/Catering - Booth Services


  • Exhibitors are allowed to provide in booth food and beverages to booth personnel only, with the exception of water.
  • Exhibitors are allowed to distribute bottled water or water dispensed from rented water coolers to meeting attendees from within the confines of the Exhibitor's booth space.
  • Distribution of food to meeting attendees is not permitted unless it is a product that the company promotes. Cooking or food preparation is not permitted. Products such as individually wrapped candy or mints for consumption are acceptable.

Per the rules of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Food and Beverage Services:

  • All beverages must be ordered through the Convention Center Food Service.
  • Exhibitors WILL NOT be allowed to bring beverages into the building or purchase them from outside caterers.
  • If an Exhibitor is interested in distributing or sampling products In/From their food contact Elsa Mahari directly for approval and specifics.
For additional information please contact:
Elsa Mahari
Phone: 202-249-3527
Email: Elsa.Mahari@centerplate.com
Walter E. Washington Conv Center July 9
Security Services Simmons Security  
Internet & Telephone Services Smart City July 6
(Discount Rate)

After July 6
(Standard Rate)
Electrical HI TECH Electric July 10
(Discount Rate)

After July 10
(Standard Rate)
Rigging HI TECH Electric July 10
(Discount Rate)

After July 10
(Standard Rate)
File Return Form To Deadline Date
Exhibitor Function Request Form AAPM HQ ---
INFO Return Form To Deadline Date
Housing reservations will be handled by the Housing Connection/ AAPM Housing Bureau, available March 23.

Orchid Event Solutions, LLC, formerly The Housing Connection is the ONLY AAPM-designated housing provider for our meeting. If you are approached by any company other than Orchid Event Solutions, LLC regarding hotel rooms in Indianapolis, please be aware that they have no relationship with AAPM. You put yourself at financial risk if you provide them your credit card information. To report housing fraud, please contact Rachel.

For Exhibitors with Room Block Reservations: Exhibitor Room Block Reservation Form

The Housing Bureau will hold room blocks with a deposit. Personnel names with final arrival/ departure dates are due in writing no later than June 15 This is a strict deadline, and room blocks will be re-leased if names are not supplied by this date.

For Individual Exhibitor Reservations with No Room Blocks:
You may prefer to make individual housing reservations by Booking Housing Online here.
Orchid Event Solutions, LLC June 15
  • Do not contact the hotels directly until after July 16, 2016. Reservations cancelled after July 6, 2016 will be subject to a $25.00 processing fee.
  • Exhibitors are STRONGLY encouraged to use designated AAPM hotels.
File Online Reg Opens
Exhibitor Personnel Registration Information
  • Please review the information posted regarding registration
June 8
File Return Form To Deadline Date
Floral Urban Jungle, Inc. July 15
(Discount rate)

July 16
(Standard Rate)
Photography Joe Orlando, Inc. ---
File Return Form To Deadline Date
Island Formation- Submission of Scale Drawing:

New this year - The process to submit the Compliance Form and Scale Drawings will be done online.

Please use the following link to submit your Island Booth information for approval:
Online Island Booth Submission System

Sample Scale Drawing Submission: Scale Drawing/Booth Design
AAPM HQ May 13
File Return Form To Deadline Date
Convention Data Service Kit

Lead Retrieval Service Order Form
CDS June 9
(Early Rate)

July 7
(Advance Rate)

After July 7
(Standard Rate)
File Return Form To Deadline Date
Hotel Door Drop Service Convention Communications July 21
Meeting Website Advertising/Form AIP ---
Sponsorship Items and Reservation Form AAPM HQ May 13
(To be included in the Pocket Program)
Business Center

901 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20001

Phone: 1.202.783.8412
Email: usa5656@fedex.com

Monday - Friday: 7 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 1 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 3 pm
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