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View selected presentations digitally captured at the 58th Annual Meeting & Exhibition

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    AAPM will host AAPM educational courses online in the AAPM Virtual Library. Selected presentations given at the Annual Meetings and other AAPM Meetings are posted in the AAPM Virtual Library. 

    AAPM plans to digitally capture the following session types at the 58th Annual Meeting for posting in the AAPM Virtual Library.  The digital capture list will be available at the Member Services Counter:
    • Continuing Education Courses
    • Symposia
    • Proffered sessions are not included in the AAPM Virtual Library.
    Posted presentations include streaming audio of speakers and presentation slides.

  • Selected presentations given during the 58th AAPM Annual Meeting and Exhibition will be available on USB Flash Drive following the meeting.
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Selected Presentations

*PLEASE NOTE: Session changes may occur. Not all presentations may be available due to speaker releases, AV problems or program changes.

Presentations to be digitally captured at the 58th Annual Meeting & Exhibition:

Sunday, July 31

  • Revitalizing Your Medical Physics Classroom: Some Examples and Thoughts From the Trenches
  • The Medical Physicist Value Proposition for Tomorrow and Today

Monday, August 1

  • Interoperability in Radiation Oncology: IHE-RO Committee Update
  • Motion Management in Current Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Practice
  • A Cliff's Notes Version of Proton Therapy
  • TG167: Clinical Recommendations for Innovative Brachytherapy Devices and Applicators
  • Prostate HDR Treatment Planning - Considering Different Imaging Modalities
  • TG191: Clinical Use of Luminescent Dosimeters
  • Three Dimensional Dosimetry
  • Nuclear Medicine Physics and Testing
  • Financial Perspectives on Scientific Publishing
  • Certificate Extension Process for DBT and the Medical Physicist's Role
  • Segmentation Q
  • Inspiring Leadership
  • Joint AAPM-ESTRO Symposium: Advances in Experimental Medical Physics
  • Image-Guided Interventions: Advances in Intraoperative Imaging, Guidance, and an Emerging Role for Medical Physics in Surgery
  • Joint WMIS-AAPM Symposium: Metabolic Imaging of Cancer
  • Radiation and Cancer: Reality, Extrapolations, Myths & Practice
  • SBRT Workflow Overview
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: SBRT/SRS Case Studies - Lung
  • In Memoriam of Jan van de Geijn: Knowledge-based Planning
  • Online Adaptive Radiotherapy - Considerations for Practical Clinical Implementation
  • DBT Physics Basic to Advanced
  • Recent Advances in Virtual Tools for Validation of 3D/4D Breast Imaging Systems (TG234)
  • Harmonization & Robustness in Radiomics
  • State-of-the-Art in Radiomics in Radiology and Radiation Oncology
  • Practical Statistics for Medical Physicists
  • The American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification Process
  • Preparing for the ABR Diagnostic and Nuclear Medical Physics Exams
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: Preparing for Parts 2 and 3 of the ABR Therapy Medical Physics Exam
  • International Symposium: Patient Dose Reduction in Diagnostic Radiology
  • Medical Physics Leadership Academy
  • AAPM Presidential Debate
  • New Member Symposium

Tuesday, August 2

  • Radiation and Immunotherapy: How to Ignite Long Term Anti-Cancer Response
  • Radiation Countermeasures Research and Development
  • CT Ventilation Imaging: The New Clinical Reality of Functional Avoidance and Response Assessment in Lung Cancer Radiation Therapy
  • Dual Energy CT in Radiation Therapy
  • The EPID Strikes Back
  • Advances and Innovations in Image Guided Brachytherapy
  • Rest In Peace - ITV
  • Model Observer Design and its Validation for Task-based Evaluation of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Quantitative Assessment of CT Systems with Iterative Image Reconstruction Algorithms
  • Image Guidance Technologies and Management Strategies
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: SBRT/SRS Case Studies - Liver
  • TG180: Imaging Dose During RT
  • PANEL DISCUSSION: SBRT/SRS Case Studies - Brain and Spine
  • CT Systems Course
  • Body Tomosynthesis
  • Imaging Informatics
  • Challenges in Radiomics and Big Data
  • Grand Challenges in Medical Imaging and Radiomics
  • Session in Memory of Laurence Clarke: Moving Radiomics Forward: Funding, Regulatory Issues, and Clinical Translation
  • Planning and Delivering HDR APBI Treatments
  • Treatment Planning System Commissioning and QA
  • Optimizing the Treatment Planning Process
  • Work of ICRP, NCRP and Others and How They Impact on Medical Physicists
  • CDRH/FDA Regulatory Processes and Device Science Activities
  • Professional Liability Insurance - what you need to know
  • The Gadget: Making of the Atomic Bomb
  • Compliance with the AAPM CT Clinical Practice and Joint Commission Guidelines
  • Do the Right Thing



Wednesday, August 3

  • Session in Memory of Robert J. Shalek: High Resolution Dosimetry from 2D to 3D to Real-time 3D
  • Motion Management for Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
  • Connecting Radiation Physics with Computational Biology
  • NCI-supported Research Activities:  The Moonshot and More
  • The Challenges of Predicting RBE Effects in Particle Therapy and Opportunities for Improving Cancer Therapy
  • Session in Memory of Jean Pouliot: Next-Generation Deformable Image Registration
  • High impact Technologies for Low Resource Environments
  • Advances in Image-guided Neurointerventions - Clinical Pull and Technology Push
  • Advances in Dedicated Breast CT
  • Advances in Preclinical Imaging
  • Basics of Proton Therapy
  • Big Data in Radiation Oncology
  • MRgRT
  • Statistical Failings That Keep Us All In The Dark
  • Session in Memory of Donald Herbert: Anne and Donald Herbert Distinguished Lectureship on Modern Statistical Modeling
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound QA/QC Hands-on Workshop
  • MRI Physics
  • The Zagzebski/Carson Distinguished Lecture on Medical Ultrasound: Image Guided Ultrasound Therapy Q & A
  • History Committee Symposium
  • The Quality Gap (Session 1 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
  • Concepts in Risk-based Assessment (Session 2 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
  • Learning the New Approaches of TG-100 and Beyond (Session 3 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
  • Experiences with TG100 in Clinical Use (Session 5 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
  • Practical Implementation of Deep Inspiration Breath Hold Techniques for Breast Radiation Therapy
  • A Practical Guide to Radiation Safety Surveys
  • Identifying Image Artifacts, Their Causes, and How to Fix Them
  • Where to send my manuscript
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Physics
  • Session in Memory of Franca Kuchnir: Excellence in Medical Physics Residency Education
  • Fostering a Successful Career in Research
  • Post-graduate Training of the Next Generation of Academic Medical Physicists
  • Opportunities for Physicists to Support Low and Mid-Income Countries
  • Microdosimeters for Therapy
  • Learning from Medical Errors: A Partnership for Progress (Session 4 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)

Thursday, August 4

  • Research Opportunities with Digital Linear Accelerators
  • Educational Point Counter/Point: Has Photon RT Hit the Limits?
  • Implanted Markers for Radiation Therapy and TG 199 Update
  • Emerging Technologies in SRS/SBRT Delivery
  • AAPM-AMPR (Russia)-SEFM (Spain) Joint Course on Challenges and Advantages of Small Field Radiation Treatment Techniques
  • How to Identify and Resolve Potential Clinical Errors Before They Impact Patients Treatment: Lessons Learned
  • New Task Groups for External Beam QA: An Overview
  • Key Dosimetry Data - Impact of New ICRU Recommendations
  • MRI for Radiation Therapy
  • Challenges and Opportunities for Nuclear Medicine Theranostics
  • Shear-wave Imaging and a QIBA US Biomarker Update
  • Pediatric Image Quality Optimization
  • Radiation Dose Monitoring and Protocol Management
  • Pitfalls: Reliability and Performance of Diagnostic X-Ray Sources
  • TG100 Workshop (Session 7 of the TG100 Certificate Course series)
  • Open Source Hardware in Medical Physics and its Potential to Accelerate Innovation
  • An Introduction to Research and Clinical Development Using Treatment Planning System APIs
  • Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions
  • Teaching Radiology Residents: What, How, and Expectation
  • The Pursuit of Radiation Oncology Performance Excellence
  • Medical Physics Workshop: An Update on the Journal's Improvement Activities and Guidance on Writing and Reviewing Papers