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Why Attend?

There is significant momentum for proton beam acquisition and its usage worldwide. Proton beam therapy has established its niche in radiation oncology for cancer treatment due to its unique physical dose distribution with Bragg peak without delivering any exit dose beyond the range of the particle. In the USA there are currently 12 proton centers operating and several under construction. We see institutions operating various types of devices from multi-room to single room from cyclotron to synchrotron based units. Manpower is a critical issue at this stage due to lack of education and training. A broad scope (physics, biology and clinical) of education with comprehensive material is missing. 

This 4.5 day Summer School will provide collective knowledge in the form of lectures from some of the best experts in world. Each registrant will also receive a newly published text book (plus ebook) to include every aspect of proton beam therapy:

  • clinical perspective
  • biology
  • production
  • interactions
  • simulation
  • commissioning
  • treatment planning
  • dose calculation
  • optimization
  • motion management
  • treatment
  • verification
  • uncertainty in scattered and pencil beam scanning
  • advance treatments such as SRS and IMPT

Now Available

Dates to Remember

February 18 Summer School Registration and housing available online
March 6 Deadline to submit scholarship application
May 6 Deadline to receive early registration fees
May 26 Deadline to reserve campus housing
June 5 Last day to submit registration cancellation in writing and still receive a refund
June 14 Evaluation System opens
July 17 Evaluation System Closes. Last day to evaluate the Summer School for MPCEC, MDCB and/or SAMs credit