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DVD Roms Post-Meeting

AAPM is partnering with Blue Sky Broadcast to host educational courses on the AAPM website in the Virtual Library. Presentations posted in the AAPM Virtual Library will include streaming audio of the 3rd CT Dose speakers and slides of the presentations.

Access to the AAPM Virtual Library is a service provided to AAPM members. AAPM members may earn continuing education credits for selected presentations posted in the Virtual Library by subscribing to the AAPM Online Learning Center program. Click here for details on registering for the AAPM Virtual Library and information on the AAPM Online Learning Center program.

To order DVD Roms with audio synchronized with Power Point presentations, please complete the form below. Production post-meeting will take 6-8 weeks; DVD Roms will be mailed once production is complete. This content will be posted in the AAPM Virtual Library following the meeting. Access to Virtual Library content is free to AAPM members.

Order a DVD-Rom