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Partners for the Future

In an effort to open the dialogue between our corporate partners and those individuals training to become medical physicists, we are continuing the Partner for the Future program at the upcoming AAPM Annual Meeting.

Participating corporate partners will be conducting demonstrations designed specifically for trainees, with the purpose of providing trainees with:

  • Contacts for future purchases/partnerships
  • Awareness of what products are available and will become available in the next couple years, and how they will help with clinical workflows
  • What opportunities exist for collaboration with each company and how they utilize clinical medical physicists to inform their product development

Trainees are encouraged to schedule appointments and make the connection with your Partners for the Future.

Schedule a Appointment

  • See calendar below to determine when the participating corporate partners are available to present demos.
  • Contact information is included for each corporate partner.
  • To schedule an appointment:
    • Pre-Meeting: Contact the company directly to schedule a time
    • At the Meeting:
      • Participating Vendors are invited to send a representative to the Student Meeting on Sunday, July 31, in order to schedule appointments. Vendors will not be required to attend:
        Annual Student Meeting
        Sunday, July 31 • 9:30 am - 11:00 am
        Ballroom C, Level Three, Convention Center

      • Visit the Vendor Booth - Participating Vendors are provided signage to display in their booth acknowledging their participation. Trainees can approach the Vendor at any time during the meeting to schedule an appointment. It is recommended that Trainees approach Vendors early in the meeting if scheduling at the booth.

Contact Information