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Selected speakers have been asked to provide handouts for their presentations. The speakers will either provide the handout for posting on the website pre-meeting or at the show site, to be posted following the meeting. Attendees are encouraged to print handouts prior to their arrival in Denver.

2014 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting Plan Challenge

Are you ready to be challenged? Radiation Oncology Resources (ROR) is proud to announce a unique Plan Challenge. The organizers of the AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting in March have decided to host and present the results of the first ever Plan Challenge focused on a Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) case.

Stereotactic Lung Case ImageROR is excited to facilitate this exciting project. Why should you participate?

This opportunity is open to physicists, dosimetrists, and professional treatment planners all over the world. In this first ever installment of a Plan Challenge sponsored by AAPM, we are excited to offer you a Stereotactic Lung case.

Just as in previous Challenges, we will be providing a dataset with contours and comprehensive list of planning goals by which the plans will be measured.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Plan Challenge. If you have participated in a past Plan Challenge we will once again be using the ROQS web portal. You can sign in using the same credentials, and you will be able to download the dataset, scoring protocol, physics checklist and instructions for your specific treatment planning system (TPS). To be eligible for recognition, plans must be submitted no later than February 26th.