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General Information


ADA Accessibility
AAPM wishes to take any steps required to ensure that no individual with a disability is excluded, denied services, segregated or otherwise treated differently due to the absence of auxiliary aids and services identified in the Americans with Disabilities Act. If any such services are necessary in order for you to participate in the AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting, please communicate your needs well in advance by marking the "special needs" box when pre-registering.

Child Care

The AAPM will not be sponsoring child care during this meeting. The Convention and Visitors Bureau, Visit Denver, has stated that the following company has been used frequently among many of the area hotels for child care:

Tots on the Spot Inc.
Professional Onsite Event Child Care Services
In-Hotel Family Child Care Services, CO
Phone: 970-214-8373 Fax: 970-226-3987
Contact: Sara Brownell at: sara@totsonthespot.com

Tots on the Spot provides professional on-site event childcare for all sports, weddings, business, and convention related occasions. We enable parents to fully participate and enjoy the adult event, knowing their children are safe, happy, and in a secure and fun environment. Make all of your events family friendly!

Parents will be responsible for making their own chlldcare arrangements. Neither AAPM or Visit Denver endorse the listed service.


The Companion's registration fee includes access to all morning and afternoon breaks, and lunch services. Tickets to the Saturday evening Welcome Reception are sold separately. Please note, there will not be a Companions' Welcome Lounge at this year's meeting.

Meeting Attire

The meeting attire is business casual for the AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting.