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Attendees of the CT Dose Summit
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An interdisciplinary approach to optimizing image quality and managing patient dose

Rapid developments in CT scanner technology over the last decade have yielded new clinical capabilities and substantial improvements in patient care. The greater complexity of today’s CT scanners, however, creates considerable challenges for CT users, who must master a wide range of equipment features and clinical applications.

This summit will demonstrate how scan acquisition and image reconstruction parameters should be selected and managed to improve image quality and reduce radiation dose.  Faculty members will explain the essential criteria for specific diagnostic tasks, and participants will have an opportunity to practice the selection of optimum scan protocols. The goal of the summit is to provide practical information for users that will help them operate their CT scanners wisely, improving the quality and usefulness of CT images while reducing the radiation dose to patients.

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Dates to Remember

February 1 Registration Opens (registration limited to first 200 participants)
April 13 No refunds given for registration cancellations received after this time.
April 29 On-line Evaluation System Open
May 21 On-line Evaluation System Closes