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Introduction and a Word of Thanks
It is with great honor and excitement that we present to you the program of the 2004 Annual Meeting of the AAPM. The annual meeting continues to strive toward further excellence, and this year's program is no exception. This year, a new focus is placed on developing a balanced program. While sustaining a balance between the diagnostic and therapeutic tracks, the program provides a diverse range of offerings in scientific as well as educational, and now also professional tracks. A selective set of high-quality proffered presentations in cutting-edge areas of medical physics research is supplemented with a large array of outstanding courses, symposia, forums, and debates to further enhance the scientific and educational offerings of the annual meeting. This year's meeting also offers new joint diagnostic-therapeutic, professional, and workshop tracks. It is hoped that once again the annual meeting will prove to provide a unique venue for exchanging scientific information, and to serve the diverse educational and professional needs of the discipline and the members.

While benefiting from this outstanding program, let's not overlook the human faces behind the scene. On behalf of the Scientific and Educational Program Co-Directors and Track Organizers, I wish to express my most sincere appreciation to many people who have spent tireless hours to bring this year's meeting to fruition. First and foremost, I wish to thank the headquarters staff, without whose enthusiastic, diligent, and efficient efforts the meeting would have not been possible. Sincere acknowledgment is also due to abstract reviewers, invited speakers, symposia, workshop, Continuing Education Course, and forum directors, session chairs and moderators, and the members of the Meeting Coordinating and Local Arrangement committees for their dedication to the discipline and to the Association demonstrated in their assiduous service. All of these efforts bring us a program that we can all be proud of, and truly call our own. Thank you all!

Ehsan Samei
Scientific Program Co-Director


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