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2003 AAPM Summer School Home Direct Links

 Last Minute Reminders

The weather in Colorado springs: See http://www.wunderground.com/US/CO/Colorado_Springs.html

The phone # for Loomis Hall is 719-389-6229

Things to pack with you:
an ALARM CLOCK if you are staying in the dorms
a light jacket - the lecture hall is air conditioned & it gets chilly at night

Hydrate yourself – this will help with your adjustment to the higher altitude in Colorado Springs

If you bring your laptop – bring the Ethernet cable to connect to the room Ethernet outlet….we will not have any available for you
To register your laptop for use on campus: http://www2.coloradocollege.edu/helpdesk/
Note: there is internet access in the Loomis hall residence computer lab for you to access your email.

Leave room in your luggage for the proceedings – it is ~800 pages!

Ok, I’ve arrived in Colorado Springs, now what?
Getting to campus - You want to go to Loomis Hall on the campus of Colorado College on Saturday June 21st for both Dormitory and Scientific registration
See http://www.coloradocollege.edu/welcome/campus_map/campusmap.cfm for a campus map

Look for friendly AAPM LAC who will be roaming the airport from 8:30am-6:00 pm Saturday, June 21st. They will assist you in finding cab “buddies” to get you to campus. If you are arriving at another time or cannot locate an LAC person, please take a cab to the Colorado College. The taxi fare is approximately $20 to $30 and the trip takes about 20 minutes.

Scientific registration begins at 2 pm on Saturday June 21st in Loomis Lounge. Please register first before heading to the Ice Breaker event which starts at 6 pm. Scientific registration will close at 7 pm and re-open Sunday morning in Armstrong Hall at 7:30 am.

Dormitory registration begins at 2:00pm in Loomis Hall at the Front Desk.

The ICEBREAKER starts at 6pm in the McHugh Alumni Plaza near the Western Ridge Apartments. It will run till 9:30 pm or till the food/beer runs out. Please register in Loomis Lounge first, before going to the Icebreaker.

New this year: AAPM Idol – start thinking of ways to display your talent! There will be a sign up sheet at scientific registration.


Snow-capped Pikes Peak through rocks of Garden of the Gods
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