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Find your welcome to Colorado College with the Saturday Night Ice Breaker. Great Colorado Mexican food in the shadow of Pikes Peak. With a cool beverage in hand, friends and colleagues at your side and Physics jokes and yarns spinning you will watch the sun set over Cheyenne Mountain, Mount Manitou and finally, at last call, Pikes Peak.

Please register before coming to the Icebreaker.
  - begins at 6:30 PM until the food and beverage runs out
  - join us on Alumni Patio - adjacent to Western Ridge Apartments

 Night In

The (soon to be ) Famous Colorado College Armstrong Quad Night – In. Authentic Colorado food and drink, entertainment and music with a distinctly Western flair. This is what summer is all about!

 Evening Discussions

In the shadow of the mountains, with beverages and munchies you will discuss the important issues of IMRT while the sun sets over Pikes Peak, reminiscent of a slowly modulated MLC beam segment moving across the Y-Jaw……………

On a serious note, the objective of the evening discussions is to reinforce the concepts and ideas covered during the didactic lectures each day. The evening discussion will be lead by a moderator who will start of with some key points on the subject for discussion and this will be followed by questions from the floor. A panel of experts will assist the moderator in answering the questions. Each moderator of the evening discussions has provided an editorial on the topic of the day and will be made available to all registrants in advance of the summer school.

 Recreation and Entertainment

Go here.

 AAPM Idol: Show Us Your Talent

Ignoring popular demand, the great AAPM talent search returns at the 2003 Summer School. Wednesday night, as the discussion session draws to a close, the most and least talented among us will gather in Bemis Hall for yet another memorable display of applied physics in the entertainment arts. Music, dance and who knows what else will be on the card, to be entirely determined by those of us who, struck by the glow of the footlights, step forward to provide a show that will be long remembered. There are no particular rules or guidelines other than a modicum of good taste. (As in past years, nose flute players must supply their own tissues).

 Lunch Leg Stretchers

Past summer school faculties have commented on the Post – Lunch doldrums. A dark room, an excess of equations and graphs on the screen combined with the blood flow demands of the digestive system can slow the mental acuity of even the most committed summer scholar.

To provide a post lunch, pre session boost, we’ll offer the following lunch leg stretchers. You can choose a different one each day, or just stick with a favorite.

  • Ultimate Frisbee teams on the Armstrong Quad
  • Walk to the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center Sculpture Garden
  • Siesta under a tree on Armstrong Quad (may double as a goal marker for the Ultimate Frisbee team)
  • Walk to the Colorado Springs Park an Recreation Department Demonstration Gardens
  • Walk through the Northend National Historic District – mansions of the silver and gold mining barons and fellow travelers.


Snow-capped Pikes Peak through rocks of Garden of the Gods
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