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Webcast of the Month

Webcast of the MonthWe hope you find this month’s Webcast valuable and that you return each month during the year to benefit from new offerings in the series.

QM Strategies for External Beam Radiotherapy

Presenter: Ellen D. Yorke, Ph.D., Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

Virtual Library Presentations



2014 AAPM Summer School (available to non-members June 2015)
Burlington, VT
2014 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting (available to non-members April 2015)
Phoenix, AZ
2013 AAPM Annual Meeting (available to non-members July 2014)
55th Annual Meeting - Indianapolis, IN
2013 CT Dose Summit
AAPM 3rd CT Dose Summit: Strategies for Scan Parameter Optimization - Phoenix, AZ
2013 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Phoenix, AZ
2013 AAPM Summer School (available to non-members June 2014)
Colorado College, Colorado, CO
2012 AAPM Annual Meeting
54th Annual Meeting - Charlotte, NC 
2012 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting
Dallas, TX
2012 AAPM Summer School
Medical Imaging Using Ionizing Radiation: Optimization of Dose and Image Quality - UC San Diego, San Diego, CA
2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Meeting
53rd Annual Meeting - Vancouver, BC in conjunction with the Canadian Organization of Medical Physics
2011 Spring Clinical / ACMP Meeting
Chattanooga, TN
2011 AAPM Summer School
Uncertainties in External Beam Radiotherapy - Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada
2010 ACMP Annual Meeting
San Antonio, TX
2010 AAPM Annual Meeting
52nd Annual Meeting - Philadelphia, PA
2010 CT Dose
Scan Parameter Optimization - Atlanta, GA
2010 Safety in Radiation Therapy
A Call to Action - Miami, FL
2010 AAPM Summer School
Teaching Medical Physics: Innovations in Learning - Philadelphia, PA
2009 AAPM Annual Meeting
51st Annual Meeting - Anaheim, California
2009 AAPM Summer School
Clinical Dosimetry Measurements in Radiotherapy - Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

Physicists of Note

The AAPM History Committee is pleased to present a selection of interviews with prominent medical physicists.

Items of Interest

Educators Day

Physics educators have a significant influence in encouraging bright and inquiring minds to investigate physics career paths. We invite educators to learn more about Medical Physics as a career option for students.

AAPM Corporate Affiliate - Vendor Presentations

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of AAPM Corporate Affiliate - Vendor Presentations in the AAPM Virtual Library. AAPM recognizes the significant contributions to the field of medical physics our Corporate Affiliates provide. We welcome their inclusion in the Virtual Library and hope members will find these presentations a resource for learning about products, techniques, and company activities. AAPM Corporate Affiliates - Vendor Presentations currently posted include:

Standard Imaging
as presented during the 2012 AAPM Annual Meeting

Xoft, Inc.
as presented during the 2011 Joint AAPM/COMP Annual Meeting

Landauer, Inc.
as presented during the 2009 AAPM Annual Meeting
Introduction of Landauer OSL Dosimeters into the RPC's Remote Audit Program
Dr. Cliff Yahnke Landauer Director of Technology

Introduction of Landauer OSL Dosimeters into the RPC's Remote Audit Program
Dr. Geoff Ibbott Director of Radiological Physics Center, MD Anderson RPC

Optically Stimulated Luminescent Dosimeters and Their Use for In Vivo Dosimetry in Rotational Therapy: Tomotherapy, Rapid Are, and Step-and-Shoot IMRT
Dr. Paul Jursinic Director of Medical Physics, Western Michigan Cancer Center

Xoft, Inc.
as presented during the 2009 AAPM Annual Meeting

Xoft, Inc.
as presented during the 2008 AAPM Annual Meeting

Xoft, Inc.
as presented during the 2007 AAPM Annual Meeting

Xoft, Inc.
as presented during the 2006 AAPM Annual Meeting

Xoft, Inc.
as presented during the 2005 AAPM Annual Meeting

AAPM is not responsible and assumes no liability for the content or quality of vendor presentations or any errors, claims or discrepancies they may contain.)

AAPM Training Program/CRCPD Annual Meeting:


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