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2004 AAPM Summer School Home

Scientific Program Schedule
Day 3, Saturday, July 31, 2004

Digital Radiographic/Fluoroscopic Performance Evaluation (AM)

This session begins presenting specific guidance and recommendations for physicists evaluating, inspecting, or implementing QC programs for digital radiographic and fluoroscopic systems.
Time Topic & Faculty Objectives
8:00am- 8:10am LAC Issues and Announcements  
8:10am-9:00am Clinical Issues with Radiographic and Fluoroscopic Systems

This lecture, to be given by an appropriate radiologist, will introduce the “digital” and performance testing” sessions of the program by discussing current issues perceived by radiologists with digital images.


Performance Testing of Digital Radiographic Systems: Part I

Tony Seibert

This lecture will present general procedures and recommendations for QC and performance testing of CR systems, using reports of AAPM Diagnostic Radiology Committee Task Group 10 as a starting point (or framework). This talk coordinates with Lecture 1 of the next session, which will expand this material to DR and will be supplemented by vendor-specific information to be covered in Session 5.
10:10am-10:30am BREAK

Performance Testing of Digital Radiographic Systems: Part II

Michael Flynn

PDF Presentation
(7 MB)

This lecture continues the theme of the previous lecture, expanding the material to include (and focus on) DR applications. This talk will be supplemented by vendor-

specific information to be covered in Session 5. This talk (and also the previous talk where applicable) should include measurements of fundamental image quality

descriptors and   evaluation tools routinely used by clinical imaging physicists. For example, it may discuss, usefulness and/or applicability of square wave response (as in GE's digital mammography QC program), SNR indicators using ROI measurements, LSF measurements, etc.

11:45am-1:15pm LUNCH

Device and Manufacturer-specific Performance, Testing and QC (PM)

Each manufacturer or vendor of digital R&F systems may provide–or make available–different procedures and/or tools for performance evaluation and QC of their digital systems. This session's goal is to allow each participating company to provide a brief (15-20 minutes, depending on number of participants) overview of their systems, emphasizing the available performance testing and QC tools.
Time Vendors
1:15pm-5:15pm Performance testing for Precision 500D Classical R/F System

PDF Presentation
(6 MB)
John M. Boudry, Ph.D.
Image Quality Systems Engineer
GE Healthcare Technologies
Xpress CR Quality Acceptance ( QA)

PDF Presentation
(0.5 MB)
Charles A. Ross, BSRT, Med and Darren Werner
Konica Minolta Medical Imaging USA, Inc
FUJI Computed Radiography
Specifications and Quality Assurance

PDF Presentation
(0.1 MB)
George Spahn, Director of Image Quality
FUJIFILM Medical Systems USA
Statscan Properties and principals

PDF Presentation
(10.4 MB)
How May Injuries
Powerpoint Presentation

(1.3 MB)
Word Document
(0.9 MB)
William C Greenway BS eng, MS eng, MBA
CEO, Lodox Systems (Pty) Ltd.
President, Lodox NA LLC
Image Quality of Flat Detector Systems

PDF Presentation
(22.75 MB)
Martin Spahn, Ph.D.
Siemens Medical

PDF Presentation
(5.2 MB)
Robin Winsor
Imaging Dynamics
Image Quality assessment in digital X-ray detection systems

PDF Presentation
(5.2 MB)
Tom Bruijns, Dick Stueve
Philips Medical Systems
Kodak DIRECTVIEW Total Quality Tool

PDF Presentation
(6.1 MB)
Richard Van Metter, PhD
Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, NY