2017 AAPM Annual Meeting
Session LabelSession Title
MO - DE-702 - DEMR in RT: MR Pulse Sequences and Image Acquisition (Including Radiation Therapy Applications)
MO - DE-601 - DEDeep Learning and Applications in Medical Imaging
MO - DE-708 - DEUS Guidance for RT Interventions
MO - D-FS2 - DHDR Brachytherapy: Interstitial Treatments for GYN Panel Discussion
MO - DE-205 - DEIn Memoriam of Michael Sharpe: The Future of Precision in RT
MO - DE-108 - DERecent Medical Physics Practice Guidelines and Your Delivery Path
MO - E-FS2 - EHDR Brachytherapy: Treatment Verification Methods
MO - F-FS2 - FMR in RT: MR Image Processing, Registration and Planning in Radiation Therapy
MO - F-605 - FMachine Learning Role in Radiomics and Radiogenomics
MO - F-601 - F2017 ICRU Gray Medal: Presentation of the Medal and Lectures by the Pioneers
MO - F-702 - FEI DI Oh! Implementation and interpretation of the Exposure Indicator for Digital Radiography
MO - F-201 - FStatistical Failings that Keep Us in the Dark & Practical Statistics
MO - F-708 - FUS Guided Systems for Brachytherapy
TU - AB-FS1 - ABQA for Modern Radiation Therapy
TU - A-708 - ATherapeutic Ultrasound and Immunotherapy: A Primer
TU - AB-205 - ABMicroscopic Monte Carlo Simulations for Radiobiology Modeling: Advances and Challenges
TU - A-108 - ACode of Ethics: Practicing Our Values
TU - AB-FS2 - ABInverse Optimization Meets High Performance Computing
TU - A-605 - ABig Data 1: Current Big Data Resources and Technology in Radiation Oncology
TU - A-201 - AGood, Bad and Ugly of Patient Exposure and Dose Tracking
TU - AB-FS4 - ABDesign for Care
TU - AB-108 - ABA Concise Introduction to MRI
TU - B-201 - BIdentifying Image Artifacts, Their Causes, and Solutions
TU - B-605 - BBig Data 2: New and Emerging Big Data Strategies in Radiation Oncology
TU - B-108 - BMR in RT: Professional Requirements for Physicists in MRI Guided Radiation Therapy
TU - D-FS1 - DDevelopments in Clinical Reference Dosimetry
TU - D-201 - DMR in RT: Implementation in RT Planning and Delivery
TU - D-702 - DBest Practices in Pediatric Imaging
TU - D-605 - DRoles of In-vivo Dose Verification in Radiation Therapy
TU - FG-108 - FGLeading From the Middle (Ticketed Event)
TU - FG-FS4 - FGMR-guided Radiotherapy
TU - FG-601 - FGPhoton Counting Detectors and Their Applications in Medical Imaging
TU - F-201 - FCompliance with AAPM, ACR, TJC Guidelines on CT Clinical Practice
TU - FG-708 - FGTherapeutic Strategies and Image Guidance in HIFU
TU - E-TOUR-I - EQuality Assurance Phantoms in Diagnostic Imaging (Ticketed Event)
TU - E-TOUR-T - ESecondary Dose Calculation Programs (Ticketed Event)
TU - G-201 - GDBT Quality Assurance: Medical Physicists Role, From Equipment Evaluation to Soft Copy Image Display
TU - H-205 - HRadiomics for Lung Cancer
TU - H-FS2 - HElectronic Charting in Radiation Oncology and Integration with Hospital EMR
TU - H-702 - H90Y-Microsphere Therapy: Emerging Trends and Future Directions
TU - H-FS1 - HJoint Scientific Symposium with ESTRO: From Bench to Bedside Via Veterinary Radiation Oncology
TU - H-601 - HNon-conventional Multi-source X-Ray Imaging: Cardiac, Breast Imaging and Cone Beam CT
TU - H-201 - HAn Interactive Safety Session for New Brachytherapy Practitioners
WE - AB-FS1 - ABThe Role of Physics in Long Term Epidemiological Studies of Pediatric Radiotherapy Patients
WE - AB-FS4 - ABOptical Image-guided Surgery
WE - A-108 - APhysicists' Roles and Workload for NCTN (National Clinical Trials Network) Clinical Trials
WE - AB-FS2 - ABIn Memoriam of Bob Gorson: Radiation Programs in Medical Centers
WE - A-702 - AAdvanced Breast Imaging: Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Updates and Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography
WE - AB-205 - ABOverview of Imaging's Role in Clinical Trial (Session 1 of the Certificate Course Series)
WE - A-201 - AFrom the Trenches: Implementing the Changes of the New MR QA Manual
WE - B-201 - BPerspectives in MRI Safety for Medical Physicists
WE - B-702 - BIntra-Operative Radiotherapy (IORT): Breast and Beyond
WE - DE-702 - DEImplementation of the 2016 ACR Digital Mammography Quality Control Manual
WE - D-201 - DImproving Dose Prescriptions for Safety, Reporting, and Clinical Guideline Consistency
WE - C-TOUR-I - CQuality Assurance Phantoms in Diagnostic Imaging (Ticketed Event)
WE - DE-708 - DEAdvances in Ultrasound Contrast Agents and Elastography
WE - DE-FS2 - DEMedical Physics 3.0 in Design
WE - DE-FS1 - DEQuantitative Imaging Guided Adaptive Radiotherapy
WE - DE-601 - DEEmerging and New Generation PET: Instrumentation, Technology, Characteristics and Clinical Practice
WE - DE-205 - DERecent Advancement of Imaging Guidance in Clinical Trial (Session 2 of the Certificate Course Series)
WE - DE-FS4 - DEResearch Funding
WE - C-TOUR-T - CSecondary Dose Calculation Programs (Ticketed Event)
WE - E-201 - EManagement of Radiotherapy Patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices
WE - F-702 - FStrategies for Quality Improvement Based On RO-ILS Information
WE - F-FS1 - FRecent Advances in Brachytherapy
WE - F-FS2 - FMedical Physics 3.0 in Practice
WE - F-FS4 - FIn Memoriam of John "Jack" F. Fowler: The Mathematics of Dose-fractionation Effects
WE - F-601 - FLow Dose CT: Where Do We Stand Now?
WE - G-FS4 - GROC: A New Method in Radiotherapy QA
WE - G-FS2 - GIn Memoriam of Michael Goitein: Milestones in Treatment Planning, Biophysical Modeling, and Delivery of Proton Therapy
WE - G-702 - GQuantitative Multi-Energy Computed Tomography: Imaging and Therapy Advancements
WE - G-205 - GThe Roles and Task of Medical Physicists in Clinical Trial (Session 4 of the Certificate Course Series)
TH - AB-702 - ABHow to Select and Evaluate a PET Auto-segmentation Tool - Insights from AAPM TG211
TH - A-FS2 - ABest Practices for Physics Plan and Chart Review: Report of AAPM Task Group 275
TH - B-FS2 - BContour Quality Assurance and Decision Support: Implications, Issues, and the State-of-the-Art
TH - B-108 - BAdult Learning (Andragogy) Techniques for Medical Physics
TH - CD-FS4 - CDChanging Paradigms for Linac QA Using EPIDS
TH - CD-702 - CDComputed Tomography Imaging: From the Order to Dose Monitoring and Review
TH - CD-201 - CDSRS/SBRT: Clinical Implementation and Small Volume Dose Limits in Brain/Spine
TH - CD-605 - CDNanoparticles for Imaging and Therapy
TH - CD-FS1 - CDJoint Symposium of AAPM and ASTRO: Normal Tissue Dose-Volume Effects of Head/Neck and Liver/GI SBRT
TH - CD-FS2 - CDAuto-segmentation for Thoracic Radiation Treatment Planning: A Grand Challenge
TH - EF-702 - EFUpdate on Task Group 270: Display Quality Assurance
TH - EF-FS4 - EFAdvancements in MRI and MR-Guided Interventions
TH - E-205 - EClinical IGRT: In-Room Imaging Technologies and Image Processing for Patient Alignment
TH - F-205 - FClinical IGRT: Treatment Site Uncertainties, IGRT Protocol Design and Informed Margins