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Jack Fowler Junior Investigator Award Winners

An award for Junior Investigators has been established in honor of Dr. Jack Fowler, Emeritus Professor of Human Oncology and Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin. Junior Investigators were encouraged to submit abstracts for the competition. The top scoring Junior Investigator submission determined by abstract reviewers was selected.

Alexei  V  Trofimov 2004 Andrei  B.  Pugachev 2005
Daniel  YJ  Kim 2006 Frederic  Lacroix 2007
Murat  Surucu 2008 Huang  Zhibin 2009
Andrew  T  Kuhls-Gilcrist 2010 Dualta  McQuaid 2011
Rex  A  Cardan 2012 Magdalena  Bazalova-Carter 2013
Adam  S.  Wang 2014 Joerg  Rottmann 2015
Stephen  S.  Yip 2016 Yunhe  Xie 2017
Grace Jianan  Gang 2018