The University of Wisconsin
Madison, Wisconsin
June 21-25, 1998

This summer school will review the current state-of-the-art in medical imaging as it is applied to radiotherapy treatment planning and delivery. Topics will cover treatment planning, simulation, and position and dose verification.

The summer school will be held on the campus of the University of Wisconsin. The excellent facilities provide a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to learn from and interact with the leading experts in this field. Time and occasions will be provided to socialize with peers and the faculty.

Art Boyer boyer@reyes.stanford.edu
John Hazle jhazle@di.mdacc.tmc.edu
Bruce Thomadsen thomad@madrad.radiology.wisc.edu

State-of-the-art in Medical ImagingJohn Hazle
Information Systems OverviewDouglas Tucker
Network Infrastructure: Hardware and SoftwarePeter Kiejewski
Protocols and Standards for Image CommunicationBruce Curran
Therapy Information Management SystemsKenneth Brooks
Coordinate Systems in Radiotherapy ImagingGeorge Starkschall
Projection ImagingJ. Anthony Seibert
Hounsfield Numbers and Electron DensityCynthia McCollough
3D Data Derived from Spiral CTWilli Kalender
Advanced Films for Therapy ImagingArthur Haus
Subjective GTV and Normal Structure SegmentationMary Austin-Seymour
Objective GTV and Normal Structure SegmentationEdward Chaney
Volume RenderingCharles Pelizzari
Use of MRI Data for Treatment PlanningMarc Kessler
Virtual SimulationColin Sims
Amorphous Si and Se EPIDsLarry Antonouk
Imaging for Stereotactic Treatment PlanningHanne Kooy
Imaging for Conformal TherapyGerald Kutcher
Role of EPIDs in Conformal TherapyGikas Mageras
Automated Porta Image Correlation and AnalysisLei Dong
Imaging in Intensity Modulated Conformal TherapyArthur Boyer

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