Wisconsin Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

July 27 - 31, 1997

WIP-A-01On The Need For A QSA For QCT Bone Mineral Analysis - C. Cann*
WIP-A-02Depth-Segmented Detector for X-ray Absorptimetry - G. Stevens*, N. Pelc
WIP-B-01A Fully Automated Algorithm for the Segmentation of the Middle and Proximal Phalanges of Digitized Hand Radiographs - J. Duryea*, P. Countryman, H. Kramer, H. Genant
WIP-B-02Computer-aided Diagnosis of Breast Lesions in Three Dimensions and Time Using Dynamic MRI - K. Gilhuijs*, M. Giger, U. Bick, H. Al-Hallaq, G. Karzcmar
WIP-B-03Centerline Tracking of the Colon - Y. Samara*, A. Dachman, M. Fiebich, K. Hoffman
WIP-C-01A Proposed Study for Evaluating Quality Assessment Procedures for a Computed Radiography System - S. Al-Doohan*
WIP-C-02A Comparison of Conventional and Dry Printing Systems - T. Bogucki*, W. Paul
WIP-C-03Performance Study of Polycapillary Optics for Hard X-ray Imaging - L. Wang*, W. Peppler, C. MacDonald
WIP-D-01Improvement of Fluorscopic Image Quality with High Contrast Monitor and Automatic X-ray Beamlimiter - S. Ikeda*, K. Suzuk, T. Furukawa, J. Harada
WIP-E-01Phantom Image Quality Testing in Mammography: A Comparison of the ACR Method and the Mammography System Test Method - B. Galkin*, A. Maidment*, F. Moyer
WIP-E-02Computed Radiography Versus Screen/Film Mammography for Detection of Simulated Soft Tissue Masses - An ROC Study Based on Phantom Images - C. Shaw*, D. Breitenstein, T. Wang
WIP-E-03A Daily Systems Check for Mammography Image Quality - Pilot Study - R. Pizzutiello, D. Pfeiffer*, R. Wong, S. McMillan, N. Jewell, K. Chakrabarti, C. Showalter, J. McCrohan, F. Houn
WIP-F-01A Quantum Mechanical Bases for the Noise in Magnetic Resonance Imaging - M. Harpen*
WIP-F-02Pharmacokinetic Mapping of Intracranial Neoplasms Using Dynamic Contrast MRI - Acquisition, Processing, Display, and Analysis - D. Reeve*, E. Jackson*, I. McCutcheon, J. Hazle
WIP-F-03Effects of the Acoustic Noise of the Gradient Systems on fMRI: A Study on Auditory, Motor and Visual Cortices - Z. Cho*, S. Chung, E. Wong
WIP-F-04A New Silent MRI Using a Rotating DC Gradient - Z. Cho*, S. Chung, S. Park, C. Moon, I. Hong
WIP-G-01An Analysis of the Assumptions and Their Significance in the Determination of Required Shielding of CT Installations - M. Harpen*
WIP-H-01Inverse Solution of Mitral Valve Area Using Doppler Echocardiography - S. Langer, I. Fitian*
WIP-H-02Verifying Geometric Accuracy in Extended-Field-of- View (SieScape(tm)) Medical Ultrasonic Images - L. Nock*, H. Miller, D. Curtis, P. Behren
WIP-I-01Accuracy of an Interactive Registration Technique Applied to Thallium-201 and MR Brain Images - R. Gorniak, E. Farrell, E. Kramer, G. Maguire, Jr., M. Noz*, D. Reddy
WIP-I-01A Multiresolution Regularization Algorithm for Image Restoration in SPECT - J. Franquiz*
WIP-I-03A Review of 120 Cases of Metastasized Thyroid Cancer Treated with I-131 Therapy: Implications for Marrow Tolerance - M. Graham*, J. St. Germain, G. Niyazov
WIP-I-04Rapid Formation of Nuclear Medicine Images From a Generalized Voxel-Based Monte Carlo Simulation Database - A. Lu, J. Yanch, E. Selcow*, A. Dobrezeniecki
WIP-J-01Trace Metal Analysis in Scalp Hair of Radiographers as Potential Radiodosimetric Indicator - J. Frye, K. Krugh, M. Sayed*
WIP-J-02Calculating the Dose to a Spouse After Release of an I-131 Patient Following the New 10CFR Part 35.75 Guidelines - R. Keys*, D. Keys, J. Chorzel
WIP-J-03Monte Carlo Simulation of Beta Particle Transmission Through Material for Real and Hypothetical Beta Energy Spectra - A. Ismail*, G. Chabot
WIP-J-04Unfolding X-Ray Spectra Using Matrix Formulation and Transmission Curves - R. Waggener*, J. Terry, M. Miller, W. McDavid
WIP-J-05Requirements in the Design of Cassettes Made of Plastics for Use in the Film Dosimetry - C. Constantinou*, A. Truman, G. Gallant
WIP-J-06The Effects of kVp and Tumor Depth on the Ability to Recognize Malignant From Benign Tissues, Using a CT Scanner - C. Constantinou*, G. Boland
WIP-J-07Comparison of Two Dose-Area-Product (DAP) Ionization Chambers - D. Bednarek*, S. Rudin
WIP-J-08Contaminated Lead Aprons - The Discovery - P. Chambless*, P. Sprawls
WIP-K-01Magnetic Shielding of Linear Accelerators from Ambient Magnetic Field Interference - C. Obcema*
WIP-L-01A Dosimetric Anaylsis of Standard Weightings in Single Channel High Dose Rate Brachytherapy - W. Schumer, T. Wong, W. Fernando, S. Wallace, G. Quong, M. Geso*
WIP-L-02Dose Calculations Around Metallic Beta/Electron Sources for Endovascular Brachytherapy by the Monte Carlo and Semi- Empirical Methods - S. Cho*, W. Reece
WIP-L-03The Monte Carlo Calculations of the Dose Backscatter Factor for Monoenergetic Electrons - S. Cho*, W. Reece
WIP-L-04I-125 Seed Implant for Treatment of Prostate Cancer: Where to Place the Seeds? - A. Wu*, M. Izadbakhsh, S. Kalnicki
WIP-L-05In Vivo Measurement of Urethral Dose in I-125 Prostate Implants - J. Napoli*, K. Steidley, A. Zablow
WIP-L-06Temperature Simulations in Tissues with Complex Discrete Vasculature - J. Lagendijk*, G. Van Leeuwen, A. Kotte, J. De Bree, J. Crezee, C. Bakker, B. Raaijmakers
WIP-L-07Effect of Calcified Plaque on Intravascular Brachytherapy Treatment Fields - R. Crilly*, W. Roberts, J. Spears
WIP-L-08On the Depth of Penetration of Photons and Electrons for Intravascular Brachytherapy - R. Nath*, L. Liu
WIP-L-09Correlation of Medical Dosimetry Quality Indicators to the Local Tumor Control in Patients with Prostate Cancer Treated with Iodine-125 Interstitial Implants - R. Nath*, K. Roberts, M. Ng, R. Peschel, Z. Chen
WIP-L-10Comparison of the Dose Distribution in the Near Zone of Brachytherapy Sources Measured with Fricke and Polymer Based Gel Dosimeters - B. Hasson*, J. Ford, C. Hand, E. Jenson, L. Simpson
WIP-L-11An Analysis of the Effects of Anisotrophy on the Dose Produced by a Uniform Implant Using I 125 and PD 103 - Comparison to the Point Source Approximation - J. Williams*, S. Agarwal
WIP-L-12Study of the Effect of Bone Heterogeneity on the Dose Distribution for I-125 and Pd-103 Sources - N. Sahoo*
WIP-M-01A Mixed Simulation Monte Carlo Code for Coupled Electron-Photon Transport Applied to Low Energy Electron Problems in Radiation Therapy - T. Pawlicki*, F. Salvat, A. Komanduri
WIP-M-02Optimizing the Homogeneity of Small Electron Fields at Extended Treatment Distances - R. Meiler*, M. Podgorsak
WIP-M-03Monte Carlo Simulations of Standard and IORT Electron Beams - W. Dries*
WIP-M-04Match Regions of Adjacent Electron Beams: Open vs. Closed-wall Applicators and Airgap vs. No-airgap; QC of a Filmdosimetry Procedure - C. Koedooder*, C. Schneider, M. Admiraal
WIP-N-01Calculation of the Response of a Parallel Plate Ionization Chamber to Low Energy X-Rays and the Effect of Finite Size on the Inverse Square Law at Short Distances - P. Biggs*
WIP-O-01Compensator Design for Photon Beam Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy - S. Jiang*, F. Salvat, A. Komanduri
WIP-O-02Direct Measurement of Phantom Scatter Factor by Changing Phantom Size - M. Geso*, G. Leslie, T. Ackerly
WIP-O-03Evaluating the Use of a Simulator CT for Breast Treatments - W. Que*
WIP-O-04Dose Calculations for the Dynamic Universal Wedge - T. Knöös, J. McDonough*, B. Bjärngard
WIP-O-05Quality Control of Photon Beam Dose Calculations - J. Welleweerd*
WIP-P-01Evidence for a Significant Timer Error on a Linear Accelerator: Consequences for a Special Application - P. Biggs*
WIP-P-02Irregular Photon Fields: Accuracy of a Pencil Beam Algorithm - T. Loncol*, S. Vynckier, P. Scalliet
WIP-P-03Computer Automation of Quality Assurance Procedures - V. Strgar*, J. Wolters, K. Luchka
WIP-P-04Pattern of Output and Energy Variation of Radiotherapy Photon and Electron Beams - T. Zhu*, J. Palta, W. Mendenhall, Z. Li
WIP-Q-01Evidence for a Significantly Higher Than Expected Depth Dependence of Wedge Transmission Factors on the 4 MV Beam of a New Dual Energy Accelerator - P. Biggs*, J. Beatty, J. Radloff
WIP-Q-02Ho-166 Dosimetry of a Balloon Angio Catheter for Endovascular Irradiation - H. Kang, C. Joh, J. Song*, C. Park, M. Chun, Y. Oh, H. Kim, B. Choi, Y. Kim, K. Park
WIP-Q-03Thickness Ratios for a New Compensating Filter Material - Light Lead - D. Keys*, J. Chorzel, R. Keys, M. Pohlman, D. Porter
WIP-Q-04On the Experimental Determination of Pwall Correction Factors for Plane-parallel Chambers in a 60Co Beam- G. Ding*, J. Cygler, M. Al-Ghazi
WIP-Q-05Dosimetric Evaluation of the MDACC Electron Arc Pencil Beam Algorithm (EAPBA) with the Varian Secondary Electron Arc Collimation Applicator (SEACA) System - D. Calvin*, S. Rubin, L. Myrianthopoulos
WIP-Q-06Miniature Low Pressure Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counters for Microdosimetry Studies in High Flux BNCT and BNCEFNT Beams - J. Burmeister**, R. Maughan, C. Kota
WIP-R-01Technique Charts for Kodak's New Film-Screen Systems for Portal Localization - P. Lee*, G. Glasgow
WIP-R-02Patient's Set-up Reproducibility on Conventional- CT and Simulation-CT - X. Wang*, P. Kulig, S. Worley, J. Chu
WIP-R-03Treatment Field Verification Using Elliptic Fourier Transform - Q. Gao*, F. Yin, K. Nie
WIP-R-04A Composed Image Enhancement Method for Digitized Simulation and Portal Images - Q. Gao*, F. Yin, Y. Chen, P. Ancy
WIP-S-01EUD and DVH Parameters to Report and Analyze Inhomogenous Dose Distributions - J. McGary*, W. Grant, III
WIP-S-02Comparison of Two Models of Lymphoma Cell Survival Irradiated by High and Low LET Beams - M. Yudelev*, A. Aref, R. Mohammad, A. Al-Katib, F. Shamsa, C. Orton
WIP-S-03Monte Carlo Modelling of the Effect of Injected 148 Gd on Haemopoietic Stem Cells in Normal Marrow - T. Utteridge*, D. Charlton
WIP-T-01A Novel Device for Stereotactic Treatment of Extracranial Lesions: Device Description and QA Results - J. Bertolina*, B. Lulu, A. Hamilton
WIP-T-023-D Stereotactic Dosimetry Using GAF-Chromic Films and a New Kind of Phantom Sphere - H. Loew*
WIP-T-03Patient Motion During Stereotactic CT Scans - R. Mooij*
WIP-T-04Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery; An Ongoing Study of Patient Movement During Treatments - L. Langenstein*
WIP-U-01Equivalence of Beam-Spoiled 15 MV Beams to 6 MV Beams for Tangential Breast Irradiation - S. Sherfinski, G. Ezzell, A. Aref
WIP-U-02OMNI Wedge: Implementation with Universal Wedge and Orthogonal Dynamic Wedge - M. Phillips*, S. Sutlief, P. Cho
WIP-U-03Real-Time Couch Compensation for Intra-treatment Organ Motion: A Working Model - S. Morrill*, M. Langer, R. Lane
WIP-U-04A Simple Approach of Intensity Modulation on Elongated Fields - S. Li*, L. Tupchong
WIP-U-05Some Considerations in Inverse Planning - S. Li*, L. Tupchong, A. Boyer, M. Smitt
WIP-U-06Testing on a Conformal Dose Planning Algorithm - K. Gall*, C. Chang
WIP-U-07Evaluation of Optimized Compensators on a 3D Planning System - P. Basran*, W. Ansbacher, C. Field, B. Murray
WIP-V-01Dynamic Tuning of Intensity Modulated Beam Constraints Using Projections onto Fuzzy Convex Stes - P. Cho*, S. Lee, M. Phillips, S. Sutlief
WIP-V-02External Radiation Treatment to Prevent Vascular Restenosis Using A Miniature Multileaf Collimator - J. Sohn*, K. Ayyangar
WIP-V-03Evaluation and Acceptance of 3-D Electron Pencil Beam Calculation Algorithm of a Commerical Treatment Planning System - H. Syh*
WIP-V-04A Better Way to Design Compensating Filters on a Treatment Planning Computer - R. Keys*, R. Bertrand
WIP-V-05Beam Angle and Weight Optimization on a CT Slice, Using Convolution Dosimetry - M. Zaini*, S. Agarwal, J. Williams, A. Aqualino, G. Glennie, T. Rich
WIP-V-06Whole Body Dose From Arc-Based IMRT Treatments - S. Mutic*, D. Low
WIP-V-07Effect of Wedge Angle and Field Size on Virtual Source Distance - D. Macey*, P. Pareek, I. Brezovich