Key to Session Codes

Poster Presentations: Diagnostic and Nuclear Medicine Posters

Tuesday 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm

West Exhibit Hall

PO-A-01 Evaluation of imaging geometries calculated from biplane images - J. Esthappan*, H. Harauchi, K. Hoffman

PO-A-02 Feature analysis of edge gradient histograms for reduction of false positives in computerized detection of lung nodules in chest radiographs - X. Xu*, S. Katsuragawa, K. Ashizawa, H. MacMahon, K. Doi

PO-A-03 CNR as a measure of low contrast object detectability following wavelet compression - R. Tarver* and J. Hazle

PO-A-04 Development of temporal subtraction on chest radiographs: Improvement of misregistered subtraction image - T. Ishida*, X. Xu, K. Ashizawa, H. MacMahon, S. Katsuragawa, K. Doi

PO-B-01 Patient dose in abdominal aortogram and aorta femoral runoff examinations - R. Chu*, C. Parry, W. Thompson, C. Loeffler

PO-C-01Processor Artifacts-Appearance, Analysis and Management - S. Jaskulski* and A. Haus

PO-C-02Extended half-value layer (HVL) measurements as a function of position in the radiation field for dual target mammography - J. Terry*, G. Meckstroth, R. Waggener, M. Miller

PO-D-01Left ventricular ejection fraction measurement: breath-hold CINE MR using automatic cardiac analysis with radionuclide ventriculography - Y. Liu*, J. Blechinger, A. Narasimhan, S. Wann

PO-D-02In vivo spin label-based perfusion maps with single-shot EPI sampled, single inversion, multi-point inversion Recovery - D. Bohning*, A. Pecheny, A. Speer, M. George

PO-D-03 Effects of registration to correct for head motion on fMRI results - K. Miske* and N. Alperin

PO-D-04 Magnetostatic models for heterogeneous tissue - D. Dumitru-Buna*, T. Fearon, J. Dreesen, C. Kushner

PO-D-05 Determination of the volume susceptibility of the characteristic excretion in stomach cancer urine by chemical shifts - Y. Kim*, J. Kim, S. Kim, K. Kim

PO-E-01 Preparation of a Request For Proposal for a mid-sized PACS project - M. Arreola* and A. Sugarman

PO-F-01 Summary of results for a comprehensive film processor quality assurance program- D. Shearer*, G. Donovan

PO-G-01 Accidental contamination of radioactive F-18 aerosols in the PET center - T. Yoshizumi* and J. Lim

PO-G-02 Practical method for estimating radioactive gas contamination levels in the PET center - T. Yoshizumi*

PO-G-03 Development of a radioactive gas monitoring system for the PET center - T. Yoshizumi*

PO-G-04 Measurements and calculations of accelerator- Produced photon transmission through concrete - J. Kleck*

PO-G-05 Measurements and calculations of accelerator- Produced neutron transmission through concrete - K. Kase*

PO-H-01 The incorporation of microdosimetry into the MIRD formalism for therapeutic alpha-particle emitters - J. Roeske* and T. Stinchcomb

PO-H-02 A comprehensive approach to thyroid dosimetry - E. Furhang*, S. Larson, J. Humm

PO-H-03 Improvement of planar F-18 SPECT by means of noise treatment, scatter compensation and resolution restoration - J. Li*, Z. Liang, H. Kuan, C. Wong, G. Wang, J. Cheng, D. Schlyer, N. Volkow, D. Harrington

PO-H-04 Dual energy window method for scatter correction in PET using a pair of collimated BGO detectors - D. Al-Azmi* and N. Spyrou

PO-H-05 Beta dosimetry for administering 166Ho-chitosan to cystic brain tumor - E. Kim*, C. Rhee, S. Lim

PO-H-06 An adaptability evaluation of the Solid diet in gastric emptying scintigraphy to the Turkish palate - M. Sayed*, O. Ulker, C. Gamze, E. Demirtas, E. Celikbilek, H. Durak

PO-I-01 How many physicists does it take to score an abstract? - G. Starkschall*


Electronic Poster Displays: Central Exhibit Hall

EP-01 A program for Doppler/color flow computerized quality assurance - E. Boote*

EP-02 An on-line physics manual using PC and internet platforms - S. Chungbin* and G. Ezzell

EP-03 PIPS-A portal image processing system - S. Shalev*, X. Wang, D. Chen, K. Luchka, R. Rajapakshe


Poster Presentations

Therapy Posters

Wednesday 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm

West Exhibit Hall

PO-J-01 Monte Carlo derived 3D lookup tables for Henschke Applicator Dosimetry in HDR remote afterloading - Y. Watanabe*, J. Roy, P. Harrington, L. Anderson

PO-J-02 Three dimensional treatment planning of iodine 125 eye plaques using the ADAC pinnacle treatment planning computer - D. Wilson*

PO-J-03 Automatic seed localization from CT images of the prostate - D. Brinkmann* and R. Kline

PO-J-04 Dose volume assessment of fletcher-suit-delclos and ring-tandem gynecological implants - C. Saw*, N. Mayr, D. Hussey, L. Korb, K. Krishna

PO-J-05 Comparison of the transit dose components and source kinematics of three commercially available high dose rate (HDR) afterloading systems - J. Wojcicka*, F. Trichter, R. Yankelevich, D. Fontenla

PO-J-06 Point dose variations with multiple HDR fractions in the treatment of carcinoma of the cervix - G. King*, K. Gerszten, C. Faul, A. Kalend, D. Sonnik, R. Mogus

PO-J-07 Prostatic conformal brachytherapy: 125I/103Pd post-operative dosimetric analysis - G. Merrick, W. Butler*, A. Dorsey, H. Walbert

PO-J-08 Cross-calibration of an 192Ir HDR source to a NIST traceable 137Cs LDR source using spectrum analysis from a high purity germanium detector - D. Waid*, M. Rivard, J. Wierzbicki

PO-J-09 A new quality assurance tool for HDR 192Ir brachytherapy - S. Pai*, Z. Xu, G. Gluckman, L. Reinstein

PO-J-10 A simple and effective method for the ultrasound guide prostate implant treatment planning - E. Chen*

PO-J-11 Differential loading and CT-based dosimetry for transperineal interstitial I-125 prostate implants - S. Deore*, D.Fontenla, P. Lai, B. Vikram

PO-J-12 192Ir HDR source for intravascular brachytherapy: gafchromic film measurements and MCNP calculations - F. Fang*, S. Chiu-Tsao, F. Martin, J. Kim

PO-J-13 HDR source characterization using the BANG polymer gel - J. Martin, R. Lehmkuhl, G. Ibbott*, A. Meigooni, M. Maryanski

PO-J-14 Quality Assurance of Prostate Implants: Verification of manufacturer supplied I-125 seed strength - D. Fontenla*, S. Deore, M. Ahmad, A. Shamsuddin, P. Lai, B. Vikram

PO-J-15 A method to quickly QA check the total Treatment time needed for single catheter HDR brachytherapy - R. Rogus*, M. Smith, H. Kubo

PO-J-16 Increasing brachytherapy point dose calculation accuracy through Improved image localization techniques - C. Rosen*, R. Scheller, V. Raju, J. Deye

PO-J-17 Evaluation of treatments that combine external beam and brachytherapy using The Linear quadratic model in 3D - V. Narayana* and C. Orton

PO-K-01 Dosimetric changes from the misalignment of the intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) cone Set up: Cone obilquity, air-gap, & soft tissue elevation - C. Kim*, C. Kim, M. Choi

PO-K-02 Dose calculation for all enhanced wedge angle beams using open beam and 60 enhanced dynamic wedge beam combination - C. Liu*, W. Tome, Z. Li, J. Palta

PO-K-03 Field matching of electronic beam using mutileaf collimator as a beam edge modifier - A. Shiu*, A. Blanchard, L. Dong, V. Otte

PO-K-04 Common implementation of enhanced dynamic wedge on multiple machines - E. Klein*, R. Gerber, S. Madsen, J. Purdy

PO-K-05 Convolution kernel based 3D dosimetric evaluation of a Co-Go machine - P. Sinha*, B. Paliwal, M. Ritter

PO-K-06 Rapid pencil beam computations for optimized treatment planning based on Monte Carlo pencil beam data - J. Deasy*

PO-L-01 A comparison of clinical dose distributions from a commercial pencil beam algorithm and EGS4 Monte Carlo - M. Holmes*, T. Mackie, D. Rogers

PO-L-02 Withdrawn

PO-L-03 Evaluation of plastic water and solid water for electron dosimetry - X. Lu and L. Chin

PO-M-01 Evaluation of portal imaging needs in radiation therapy - D. Siergiej*, R. Fricke, T. Kirby, E. Hadzic

PO-M-02 Quality assurance of dynamic wedge treatments using an electronic portal imaging device - R. Rajapakshe*, K. Luchka, W. Kwa, E. El-Khatib

PO-M-03 Comparison of four image registration methods for radiotherapy verification - J. Matthews*, R. Rajapakshe, E. El-Khatib

PO-M-04 Description of a novel, high contrast, cassette-film-screen system for radiation therapy portal localization imaging - R. Dickerson*, A. Haus, K. Huff

PO-M-05 An extensive Quality Control (QC) program following commissioning of an Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) - Q. Ncube*, T. Solberg, K. Mather, P. Medin, J. Smathers, R. Wallace, J. Demarco, L. Kobe

PO-N-01 Investigation of scatter contribution to the diode SSD Dependence by changing accelerator gun currants - J. Shi*, W. Simon, T. Zhu, S. Johnson

PO-N-02 Image intensifier distortion correction - J. Hopkinson*, K. Ramamurti, J. Chu, V. Saxena

PO-N-03 Energy dependence of the radiation chemical yield of the Fricke Dosimeter in high energy photon beams - J. Seuntjens*, C. Ross, K. Shortt, N. Klassen

PO-N-04 When and how should be applied temperature correction factors for in-vivo measurements with diodes - R. Alecu, J. Feldmeier, H. Murad*, W. Court, C. Orton, A. Bennish, M. Alecu

PO-N-05 Experimental determination of fluence correction Factor (Prepl) at depths of ionization maximum for an attix parallel plate ionization chamber in clinical electron beams - M. Huq* and N. Yue

PO-N-06 Absolute calibration of electron beams using farmer and parallel plate ionization chambers - M. Huq* and N. Yue

PO-N-07 Parametrization of relative output factors, Scp, for photons fields - J. Turian*, F. Kuchnir, C. Reft

PO-N-08 A comparison of near-surface dose of dynamic and physical wedges - A. Kassaee* and Y. Xiao

PO-N-09 Variation of wedge angle with field size and depth for 4, 6, and 10 Mv photon beam - S. Prasad*, K. Parthasaradhi, W. Bloomer, T. Krupa

PO-N-10 A dosimetric and Monte Carlo study of wall material composition of a plane-parallel electron chamber - J. Lehmann*, M. Lauterbach, U. Rosenow

PO-N-11 The validity of tissue maximum ratio derived from percentage depth dose data for stereotactic radiosurgery - S. Zhou*, B. Ni, J. Chu, V. Saxena

PO-N-12 Dosimetry of radiosurgery beams using several detectors with different sensitive volume - T. Hiraoka*, K. Omata, A. Fukumura, M. Takeshita

PO-N-13 Linear array measurements of the enhanced dynamic wedge - T. Ackerly*, J. Cramb, M. Geso

PO-N-14 Water equivalency of phantom materials - S. Prasad*, K. Parthasaradhi, W. Al-Najjar, W. Bloomer

PO-N-15 Studies on bremsstrahling in the high energy shielding by lead, tin, Copper and aluminum - S. Prasad, K. Parthasaradhi, W. Bloomer, W. Al-Najjar, J. McMahon*, O. Thomson

PO-N-16 Dependence of densitometer response on light source characteristics for radiochromic film dosimetry - L. Reinstein* and G. Gluckman

PO-N-17 Design of a minimal-dimension buildup cap - M. Vossler* and W. Hanson

PO-N-18 Optical CT vs MR Imaging for ferrous-benzoic-xylenol gel dosimeters - R. Kelly*, K. Jordan, B. Rutt, J. Battista

PO-N-19 Photon spectra from a modern superficial x-ray therapy tube (Pantak HF150T) - R. Millar* and M. Geso

PO-O-01 Gonadal shielding during simulation, is it necessary? - K. McCollough* and M. Young

PO-O-02 The dosimetry and technique of lying position for total skin electron therapy - J. Wu*

PO-O-03 Variable biological effects applicable to brachytherapy produced at material interfaces - D. Zellmer*, J. Chapman, C. Stobbe, F. Xu, I. Das

PO-O-04 Radiobiological dosimetry of continuous and intermittent stereotactic radiosurgery doses using malignant glioma cell lines of varying a/b ratios - S. Benedict*, P. Lin, R. Zwicker, R. Schmidt-Ullrich

PO-O-05 An alternative to clam shell to reduce the external scatter to the testicles outside the radiation treatment fields Wednesday 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm - V. Rudraraju, J. A. Deye, C. W. Rosen

PO-P-01 Monitor unit calculation for high energy photon beams - A. Dutreix*, B. Bjarngard, A. Bridier, B. Mijnheer, J. Shaw, H. Svensson

PO-P-02 Correcting the invariant kernel defect - G. Desobry* and T. Waldron

PO-P-03 Calculation of fose-to-kerma ratio using convolution for monoenergetic photons - T. Zhu* and B. Bjarngard

PO-P-04 Dose calculations by convolution of semi-empirical dose-kernels - C. Ceberg*, B. Bjarngard, T. Knoos

PO-P-05 Radiation optimization using pre-computed photon pencil beam data sets - D. Shepard, L. Angelos, R. Mackie, O. Sauer

PO-P-06 Analysis of various factors influencing comparison of dose kernals for DPB generated from ITS and EGS4 - K. Ayyangar*, C. Ma, J. Halbleib

PO-P-07 Calculating dose distributions & wedge factors for photon treatment fields with dynamic wedges using using a convolution/superposition method - H. Liu*, R. Mackie, E. McCullough

PO-P-08 Modeling wedge generated radiation and its effect on wedge factors using a convolution/superposition method for wedged photon treatment fields - H. Liu*, T. Mackie, E. McCullough

PO-P-09 Modeling Photon Dose and Output Factors in Asymmetric Fields and in Multileaf Collimated fields using a convolution/superposition method - H. Liu*, T. Mackie, E. McCullough

PO-P-10 Calculating photon dose and output factors using a convolution/superposition method based on a dual source photon beam model for clinical linear accelerators - H. Liu*, T. Mackie, E. McCullough,

PO-P-11 Out of field dose modeling for wedged beams - X. Wang and J. Huang*, L. Reinstein

PO-P-12 Two effective source method for the calculation of in-air output factor at various SDDs in wedged fields - S. Kim*, C. Liu, J. Palta

PO-P-13 Large differences between calculated Dmax and diode readings for small SSD and small field size 15 MV beams - J. Wierzbicki, M. Bialkowski, D. Waid*

PO-P-14 Extraction of a 1x1 cm2 elementary beam from broad beam profiles for use in IMRT dose calculations - X. Zhang*, J. Hevezi, J. Marbach, B. Salter, R. Waggener

PO-P-15 Compensator modeling using the Monte Carlo method - I. Chetty*, T. Solberg, J. DeMarco

PO-P-16 Error analysis associated with data interpolation and smoothing of Monte Carlo generated dose distributions - J. DeMarco*, T. Solberg, J. Smathers

PO-Q-01 Quality assurance of photon beam profiles using a linear diode array - L. Ding*, T. Zhu, J. Palta, J. Shi, W. Simon

PO-Q-02 Dose distribution comparisons for conventional and IMRT 3D treatment planning systems - D. Low*, W. Harms, S. Mutic, J. Purdy

PO-Q-03 Performance evaluation of a diode detector array for enhanced dynamic wedge dosimetry - T. Zhu*, L. Ding, C. Liu, J. Palta, W. Simon, J. Shi

PO-Q-04 Using a new beam imaging system (BIS) for routine quality assurance of medical accelerators - L. Ma, P. Geis, D. Findley*, A. Boyer

PO-Q-05 An energy telescope for daily photon and electron beam output checks- I. Chetty*, T. Solberg, J. Smathers

PO-Q-06 Long term stability of two miniature x-ray sources used for stereotactic treatment of small brain lesions - P. Biggs* and J. Beatty

PO-Q-07 Standard wedge transmission values for Varian, Seimens, Philips and AECL accelerators - D. Followill*, D. Davis, W. Hanson

PO-Q-08 Towards an electronic radiation therapy chart for the Philips Linac and MLC - R. Boer* and P. Boekman

PO-R-01 Dose perturbation caused by high density inhomogeneties in small beams in stereotactic radiosurgery - S. Rustgi*, A. Rustgi, S. Jiang, K. Ayyangar

PO-R-02 Measurement of fetal dose in radiosurgery during pregnancy: Approaches to fetal dose reduction - V. Narra*, C .Cathcart, M. Schoulder, C. Hawkins, J. Halpern

PO-R-03 Experience with commissioning a linac based stereotactic radiosurgery system - P. Sinha**, T. Mackie, E. Hendee, P. Shulman

PO-S-01 Improving the performance of inverse treatment planning for intensity modulated radiation therapy - R. Nash, R. Campbell, R. Huber*, M. Carol

PO-S-02 Penumbra modeling for intensity-modulated radiation therapy - R. Lalonde*, A. Bleier, M. Carol, B. Curran, T. Holmes, A. Kania, E. Sternick

PO-S-03 Commissioning and acceptance testing of a convolution based 3D RTP system - N. Papanikolaou**, J. Erb, B. Heintz

PO-S-04 Practical quality standards for implementing a dynamic intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) system - M. Engler*, J. Tsai, J. Wu, T. DiPetrillo, D. Wazer

PO-S-05 When is partial volume boosting advantageous? - Y. Lu*, J. Roeske, G. Chen

PO-S-06 Volume sensitive objective function for optimization of intensity beam modulation - P. Cho* and S. Sutlief

PO-S-07 DVH-based inverse treatment planning: partial volume prescription and area cost function - M. Carol*, R. Nash, R. Campbell, R. Huber, E. Sternick

PO-S-08 Virtual Wedge implementation on a treatment planning system - J. Bayouth* and T. Steinberg

PO-S-09 Hybrid mixed integer linear programming/nonlinear programming algorithms for radiotherapy optimization - J. Deasy*

PO-S-10 Exploration of the use of genetic algorithms in the optimization of beam weights in intensity modulated radiation therapy - C. Rasmussen*, M. Carol, B. Curran, T. Holmes, A. Kania, R. Nash

PO-S-11 A comprehensive three dimensional algorithm for optimizing beam weights And Wedge Filters - L. Xing*, R. Hamilton, C. Pellizzari, G. Chen

PO-S-12 A robust linear programming model for teletherapy dose optimization - S. McCourt II*, N. Dogan, W. Lodwick, F. Newman