Key to Session Codes

Paper Presentations: West Exhibit Hall

PA-J-01 Mucosal dose optimization in HDR intracavity brachytherapy of nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, the NCKUH experience - W. Tsai*, H. Leung, M. Wang, L. Chang

PA-J-02 Analysis of source weighting for tandem and ovoids for high dose rate brachytherapy for cervical cancer - T. P. Nair*, A. Gray*, K. Boydston

PA-J-03 Evaluation of the water/air dose ratio along the two major axes of a high-doserate 192Ir source - R. Muller-Runkel* and S. Cho

PA-J-04 Brachtyx: A new PC-based treatment planning computer code for brachytherapy - H. Giap*

PA-J-05 Estimating the accuracy of short exposure time for a HDR unit using film dosimetry - A. Ho* and C. Sibata

PA-J-06 Evaluation of a vacuum-assisted seed loading apparatus for brachytherapy - A. Ho* and C. Sibata

PA-J-07 Withdrawn

PA-J-08 A comparison of radiation dose from two high dose rate brachytherapy systems - Y. Guan*, P. Almond, A. Meigooni, G. Ibbott

PA-J-09 An applicator for HDR brachytherapy of tracheastoma recurrences - L. Leybovich* and E. Melian

PA-J-10 A universal notched episcleral plaque set for brachytherapy of the intraocular tumors around optic nerve - X. Wu*, J. Ting, C. Yang, M. Watzich, A. Markoe

PA-J-11 Dose calculation at points surrounding a vaginal cylinder - R. Baker*, J. Chiu, B. Berner, B. Teh

PA-J-12 An automated water phantom for the precision measurement of an interstitial x-ray source - A. Sliski*

PA-K-01 An anatomical comparison of multileaf collimation and custom alloy blocking in the treatment of head and neck malignancies using an anthropomorphic phantom - R. Miller*, E. McCullough, R. Foote

PA-K-02 A dosimetric study of a match-line on different linear accelerators in the monoisocentric technique - R. Yankelevich*, J. Wojcicka, F. Trichter, S. Lo, D. Velkley, C. Setto

PA-K-03 A graphically intuitive approach to determining leaf positions for dynamic multileaf collimator delivery - J. Strait *, R. Hill, B. Curran, A. Boyer, M. Carol

PA-K-04 Comparison of two sets of physical wedges and enhanced dynamic wedge on varian 600C/D linear accelerator - S. Goetsch* and J. Steigerwalt

PA-K-05 Effects of heterogeneous electron densities on intracranial dose distributions obtained with a dynamic intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) system - J. Tsai*, M. Engler, M. Fagundes, T. DiPetrillo, D. Wazer

PA-K-06 Enhanced dynamic wedge commissioning using multichamber array and film - E. Lief*, H. Liu, E. McCullough

PA-K-07 Design of a "Non-Jamming" blocking tray for teletherapy - I. Brezovich*, P. Myers, C. Stewart

PA-K-08 Moving table total body irradiation with dynamic shielding - L. Papiez*, J. Montebello, C. DesRosiers, E. Papiez

PA-K-09 A comparison of penumbra from different field shaping methods using target DVHs - J. Ting*, X. Wu, C. Yang, A. Markoe

PA-L-01 Verification of small Electron field pencil-beam calculations - J. Sweet* and M. Huq

PA-L-02 Calculation of depth dose in irregular electron fields - P. Higgins* and F. Khan

PA--L-03 Effective point of measurements of ionization chambers in electron beams - I. Das*, S. McNeeley, C. Cheng

PA-L-04 Comparison of different experimental methods in determination of the electron beam source position - M. Sarfaraz*

PA-M-01 Minimizing image coregistration error from misinterpreted user feedback - R. Riker*, M. Carol, J. DeNisi, W. Fang

PA-M-02 Withdrawn

PA-M-03 Withdrawn

PA-M-04 Lung compensator design using a portal imaging device - S. Hussein* and H. Parsaei

PA-N-01 A method to improve the effectiveness of in-vivo dosimetry programs with diodes - R. Alecu*, J. Feldmeier, M. Alecu, W. Court, H. Murad, A. Bennish

PA-N-02 Portal film dosimetry: An experimental and Monte Carlo study - I. Yeo*, Y. Zhu, H. Guane

PA-N-03 The effect of phantom size on dose measurements - S. Zhou*, J. Chu, V. Saxena

PA-N-04 Absolute photon dosimetry in a polystyrene phantom using V film - C. Mayo*, M. Joyce, J. Tsai, M. Engler

PA-N-05 Independent monitor unit calculation to verify treatment planning computer - A. Thavendrarajah* and C. Kanellitsas

PA-N-06 Integrated computer program for total body irradiation photon therapy - A. Thavendrarajah*

PA-N-07 Depth dose in the build-up region for total-body irradiation treatment with beam spoilers - Y. Xiao*, A. Kassaee, P. Bloch

PA-N-08 QSAT and AION for farmer chambers exposed to continuous radiation - C. Zankowski* and E. Podgorsak

PA-N-09 Validation of BANG gel dosimeter measurements in megavoltage photon beams - G. Ibbot*, R. Lehmkuhl, J. Martin, A. Meigooni, M. Maryanski

PA-N-10 Phantom-Size Dependence Of The Beam-Overlap Factor In Total Skin Electron Therapy -Z. hen*, A. Agostinelli, R. Nath

PA-N-11 Dosimetry and Clinical Experience with a Superficial Therapy Unit - J. Turian*, F. Kuchnir, C. Reft, L. Chen

PA-N-12 Commissioning of the varian enhanced dynamic wedge and implementation into existing treatment planning systems - F. Kuchnir*, C. Reft, C. Pelizzari, J. Turian, J. Roeske, K. Farrey

PA-N-13 Errors induced by differences in geometry between ADCL and clinical calibration set-ups for thin window chambers in low energy x-ray beams - C. Dennett* and G. White

PA-O-01 Record and verify as a chart supplement - A. Jones*, J. Lo, S. Fellin, P. Vigneri

PA-O-02 Design and implementation of an electronic patient chart in radiation therapy - A. Jones*, J. Beinlich, K. Likso, L. Tupehong

PA-O-03 A paperless department, then, now, and the future - J. Ting*, X. Wu, C. Yang, C. Mirabal, M. Watzich, M. Lutgens, C. Bradley, S. Prieto, A. Markoe

PA-O-05 Incident electron kinetic energy as a function of bending magnet current - R. Siochi*

PA-P-01 A fast photon source for Monte Carlo calculations in radiotherapy - M. Fix*, H. Keller, P. Ruegsegger

PA-P-02 3-Dimensional beam model for intensity modulation ratiotherapy - A. Kania**, A. Bleier, M. Carol, B. Curran, T. Holmes, R. Lalonde, L. Larson, C. Rasmussen, E. Sternick

PA-P-03 Invastigation of the changes in the output factor of wedged fields - N. Papanikolaou*, J. Duce, J. Erb

PA-P-04 A convolution algorithm for blocked photon fields - R. Miller* and H. Xie

PA-P-05 Validation and clinical implementation of the PEREGRINE Monte Carlo dose calculation system for radiation therapy planning - C. Siantar*, P. Bergstrom, W. Chandler, L. Cox, T. Daly, J. Rathkopf, A. Schach von Wittenau

PA-P-06 Withdrawn

PA-P-07 Study of the buildup of electron equilibrium for mono-energetic photon beams - J. McDonough* and P. Bloch

PA-P-08 Determination of the scatter factor parameters for mono-energetic photon beams - J. McDonough* and P. Bloch

PA-P-09 Lateral electronic disequilibrium factor for small fields - B. Arjomandy* and P. Bloch

PA-P-10 Evaluation of wedge beam profile generating model for three-dimensional dose calculations - M. ellish and V. Krithivas*

PA-P-11 Modified dosimetry algorithms for asymmetric x-ray fields - B. Ahluwalia* and M. Xie

PA-Q-01 Clinical feasibility of performing physics quality assurance procedures for radiotherapy machine - M. Chan* and F. Yin

PA-Q-02 Application of ISO 9000 guidelines to radiation therapy quality assurance - S. Chungbin* and G. Ezzell

PA-Q-03 An independent check method of computer plan derived monitor units - R. Hill*, M. Perez, W. Beckham

PA-Q-04 Implementation of an electronic treatment record in a radiation oncology department - G. Cardarelli*, V. Testa, S. Soehl, D. Shearer

PA-Q-05 Level of uncertainties of diode in vivo dosimetry in QA applications - J. Fan*

PA-Q-06 Software utility suite improves patient data handling - C. Rosen*, R. Scheller, V. Raju, J. Deye

PA-Q-07 The use of spreadsheets to perform various radiation therapy physics tasks - J. Presser*, A. Sabbas, A. Georgiades, V. Burtman

PA-Q-08 Clinical evaluation of a MOSFET device to quantify TBI midline dose and patient surface dose - Q. Ncube*, T. Solberg, K. Mather, P. Medin, J. Smathers, R. Wallace, J. Demarco, L. Kobe

PA-Q-09 CT & MR imaging fusion in stereotactic radiation treatment planning - A. Rath*

PA-S-01 A method for determining planning volumes that considers patient immobilization, organ motion and organ localization - J. Strait*, T. Holmes, M. Carol

PA-S-02 A comparative study of treatment plans for intensity modulated radiation therapy generated by 4-15 MV photons - E. Sternick*, A. Bleier, M. Carol, B. Curran, T. Holmes, A. Kania, R. Lalonde, L. Larson

PA-S-03 Commissioning of an intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) system - L. Larson*, A. Bleier, M. Carol, B. Curran, T. Holmes, A. Kania, R. LaLonde, E. Sternick

PA-S-04 Measurements of SSDeff for eletron beams: Further studies - E. Saji*, E. Yorke, J. Greig, R. Miller

PA-S-05 Effective SSD for Elongated Electron Fields - H. Aghdam* and E. Yorke

PA-S-06 A comparison of the simulated annealing optimization algorithm of NOMOS treatment planning systems with the hooke and jeeves pattern searching algorithm - C. Yang*, J. Ting, X. Wu, A. Markoe

PA-S-07 Inverse treatment planning using variation method - Y. Liu* and F. Yin

PA-S-08 Performance evaluation of the Gammex CT-sim laser positioning system - E. Johnson* and G. Ibbott

PA-S-09 A software-tool for breast treatment planning using a CT-simulator - C. Pan*, H. Lu, L. Chin

PA-S-10 Virtual field projection localization in real space for treatment planning using Ct-simulators - H. Lu* and L. Chin

PA-S-11 Inverse treatment planning with photon beams: New analytical solutions for intensity profiles - U. Oelfke*, T. Bortfeld, W. Schlegel

PA-S-12 Optimization of the five-fields non-coplanar conformal therapy of prostate cancer - A. Kapulsky*, E. Mullokandov, D. Fontenla, P. Lai, B. Vikram

PA-T-01 Dose volume histogram (DVH) analysis of the Gamma knife radiosurgery treating Twenty Five metastatic intracranial tumors - C. Yang, J. Ting*, X. Wu, A. Markoe

PA-T-02 Modification of a non-scanning film densitometer for acquisition of radiation beam profiles from small circular fields - A. Sabbas*, V. Ruiz, J. Presser, T. Lowinger, J. Wong

PA-T-03 Dosimetric aspects of small circular fields of 10 MV photon beam - W. Najjar*, S. Prasad, K. Parthasaradhi, W. Bloomer