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  Best Poster Competition Saturday
Best Poster Competition   Room: Exhibit Hall

PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-1 The Clinical Impact of Detector Choice for Beam Scanning
J. Gersh*, R. Best, R. Watts
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-2 Surface Dose Effects of Linen Coverings for Breast and Chest Wall Patients
J. Fagerstrom*, E. Hirata
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-3 Using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis to Determine the Incident Learning System Clinical Action Scale
J. Johnson*, M. Gillin, S. Bilton, L. Court, A. Evans, S. Harrelson, S. Hayden, J. Kanke, S. Kirsner, M. Palmer, B. Riley, P. Sackett, J. Tonigan, G. Walker, X. Zhu, P. Das, G. Ibbott
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-4 Quantifying Isocenter Measurements to Establish Clinically Meaningful Thresholds
T. Denton*, L. Shields, J. Howe, A. Spalding
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-5 Experimental Validation of a Correction-Less Diode for Small Field Reference Dosimetry
P. Charles, G. Cranmer-Sargison*, J. Trapp, D. Thwaites
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-6 How Do Reconstruction Algorithms and Radiation Doses Affect the Accuracy of CT HU?
C. Dodge*, J. Rong
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-7 Measuring Output Factors for Photon Fields Smaller Than 10cm X 10cm
A. Bacala*, S. Pella, T. Leventouri, C. Smith
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-8 Superficial Photon and Electron Dose Measurements in Varying Bolus Materials
L. Young*
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-9 Automated, Real-Time Evaluation of Radiation Treatment Plans for Protocol Constraints
R. Best*, J. Larner, K. Wijesooriya, C. Geesey, J. Gersh, B. Libby
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-10 Measurement of Interfractional Rotation of Pelvic Bony Anatomy: Assessment of Impact of BMI for VacLock System
L. Song*, C. Mayo, I. Petersen, M. Haddock
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-11 Pulmonary Dosimetric Effects of a Moderate Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold Technique for Left-Sided Breast Cancer Patients
J. Yu*, D. Brinkmann, S. Park
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-12 Interfraction Positional Variation in Pancreatic Tumors Using Daily Breath-Hold Cone-Beam Computed Tomography with Visual Feedback
M. Nakamura*, M. Akimoto, T. Ono, S. Yano, M. Nakata, A. Nakamura, S. Itasaka, T. Mizowaki, K. Shibuya, M. Hiraoka
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-13 Evaluation of Deterministic Grid-Based Boltzmann Equation Solver for Dose Calculation in Endobronchial High Dose Rate Brachytherapy
M. Axente*, S. Wetherall, B. Loo, A. Sung, B. Fahimian
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-14 Alignment of Multi-Radiation Isocenters for Megavoltage Photon Beam
Y. Zhang*, K. Ding, G. Cowan, E. Armour, K. Wang
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-15 A Blueprint for Obtaining Intersocietal Accreditation Commission Dental Cone Beam CT Accreditation
M. Wayson*, M. Arreola
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-16 MR Imaging with DTI Can Predict Motor Outcome for Patients with Intracerebral Hemorrhage
M. Kasam, S. Konduru, R. Konduru*
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-18 Improved Commissioning Methods for Commissioning Linear Accelerators with Micro Multiple Leaves Collimator for Treating Stereotactic Radiosurgery
B. Doozan*, A. Bacala, S. Pella, T. Leventouri
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-19 Dosimetric Impact of Roll Error On Lung Cancer Treatment Plan in Uniform Scanning Proton Therapy
S. Rana*
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-20 Impact of Air Cavity to Critical Structures for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) Brachytherapy
M. Ashenafi*, J. Peng, J. Harper, J. Jenrette, K. Vanek
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-21 Aperture Based Motion Management for Respiratory Gated VMAT SBRT: Improving Delivery
A. Hsu*, E. Mok
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-22 Resting State Functional MRI Predicts Lesions When Diffusion Weighted Imaging Fails in Ischemic Stroke
M. Kasam*, H. Bektas, S. Konduru, R. Konduru
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-23 Localization for H&N Patients Who Undergo Rescans: A Case Study
L. Courneyea*, D. Pafundi
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-24 Clinical Implementation of Intraoperative Electron Radiation Therapy (IOeRT)
T. Amin, A. Azzam, R. Mahmood, Z. Eltahir, H. Selham, B. Moftah, M. Hussain*
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-25 Skin Dose Measurements Using Optically Stimulated Dosimeters in High Dose Rate Surface Brachytherapy of the Breast
M. Talmadge*, I. Iftimia
PO-BPC-Exhibit Hall-26 Dosimetric Study of Two Rotational Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in Thoracic Esophageal Carcinoma
R. Zhang*, W. Bai, X. Fan, R. Qiu, D. Liu, Z. Chi, C. Han