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June 24-28
University of Washington - Seattle

(photo courtesy of University of Washington Photography Services)


Summer School 2001 registrants will be placed in one of two modern dormitory buildings, overlooking Lake Washington. Registrants may stay in Haggett Hall (single or twin rooms corridor style, sharing a community bathroom) or McMahon Hall (cluster-style, 4-6 rooms sharing a community bathroom, lounge and balcony). Note your choice of cluster mates on the housing reservation form. A complete description of the room amenities can be found in the housing registration form. Registrants may check into their dorms after 2:00 PM on Saturday, June 23rd. Since each room is equipped with private telephone with voice mail, attendees may be contacted through their individual phones. The contact numbers for the two residencies are as follows:

Haggett Dorm: (206) 543-7164
McMahon Dorm: (206) 543-7107

Attendees should bring their own alarm clocks. A map of the campus is available at:

(dorms are located on the North Central map)

Registrants with a newer laptop that have the Ethernet card can plug into the port of their sleeping room using DHCP. If their laptop does not have an Ethernet card, they can use their modem by connecting to the telephone line in their room. (For connectivity questions call Cathy Johnson (206) 543-1016.) Attendees are responsible for reserving and confirming their housing with the University of Washington Housing Services. If shared community bathrooms are not desirable it is suggested families and couples consider staying off campus at one of the nearby hotels listed under Off Campus Housing. Except for the Icebreaker and Night Out at Tillicum Village, all breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be taken in the McMahon cafeteria located on the ground level of McMahon hall. Housing registration includes all cafeteria meals. Hot vegetarian entrees are available at every meal.


A number of off campus hotels and motels are available to those attendees wishing to stay in accommodation with full services. A small number of rooms have been blocked at the Silver Cloud Inn, but the block will be dropped May 23rd. It is the responsibility of the registrant to arrange transportation to and from the lecture site. Please note that June is an extremely busy tourist month for Seattle and you may be disappointed if you delay booking. Off campus attendees and companions not staying in the dorms may purchase their meals a la carte by cash at the McMahon cafeteria or purchase a meal card (unlimited portions) for $68 per person (includes 5 lunches, 3 dinners - does NOT include breakfast).

Hotels are listed in order of location closest to the Lecture Theater. Stars indicate AAA rating.

  1. University Inn***
    $105-$115 per night
    (includes breakfast, closest, 15 min. walk cutting through campus)
    4140 Roosevelt Way NE,
    tel: 1-800-733-3855
  2. Silver Cloud Inn***
    $105 per night (single or double, children are free -ask for AAPM rate)
    (includes breakfast, has shuttle service to University)
    5036-25th Ave NE,
    tel: 1-800-551-7207 press 09
  3. University Travel Lodge**
    $86-$96 per night
    (includes breakfast, 25 min walk uphill)
    4725-25th Ave NE
    tel: 1-206-525-4612 or 1-800-578-7878
  4. 4. University Plaza Hotel**
    $85/night (ask for AAPM rate)
    400 NE 45th St.
    tel: 1-800-343-7040
  5. 5. University (Apartment) Motel**
    $69-$87 per day
    4731-12th Ave N,
    tel: 1-800-522-4720

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