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2004 AAPM Summer School Home

 Program Objectives

Although utilization of sectional imaging techniques (CT, MRI, US) have increased over the years, radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging still remain the most common of imaging modalities. Yet, these modalities have been undergoing both evolutionary and revolutionary advances, which have provided both new and greater challenges for medical physicists.

The goal of this school is to provide comprehensive and cohesive instruction in the technology and evaluation of radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging, particularly (but not limited to) those incorporating digital image receptors. The tools needed by medical physicists responsible for specifying, inspecting and evaluating these systems will be used as a unifying framework for reviewing the state-of-the-art of radiographic and fluoroscopic systems, the principles of image quality analysis, the technology and digital receptors, and techniques available to evaluate–and maintain–the clinical performance of these systems. The first half of the program (sessions 1-3) is structured to present background material on the science and technology of both conventional and digital radiography and fluoroscopy imaging systems. The second half (sessions 4-6) concentrates specifically on testing, evaluation and quality control.

To help enhance the practice of medical physics in this arena, emphasis is to be placed on clinical practicality, clinical applicability, and consistency with guidelines and recommendations from various sources. Toward this end, input will also be solicited from vendors, to be included in the program as both didactic sessions as well vendor-specific educational exhibits.

 Continuing Education

The 2004 Summer School Meeting has been approved for 20 hours total continuing education credit by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs, Inc. (CAMPEP). Look for your evaluation/CE form in your registrant materials handed to you on-site.

 Program Directors

Lee Goldman

Department of Medical Physics

Hartford Hospital

Michael Yester

Department of Radiology

University of Alabama Medical Center


Barry Belanger, GE Medical Systems  
Michael Flynn, Henry Ford Health System  
Lee Goldman, Hartford Hospital  
Jeff Shepard, UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center  
Tony Seibert, UC Davis Medical Center  
Ehsan Samei, Duke University  
Wlad Sobol, University of Alabama, Birmingham  
Michael Yester, UAB Medical Center  
Ian Yorkston, Eastman Kodak Company  

 Local Arrangements Chair

Peggy Blackwood
The Western Pennsylvania Hospital

Paul Feller (LATF)

Jewish Hospital


 Additional Information

If you have questions about your registration or housing, please contact CMU Conference Services at confserv@andrew.cmu.edu or call 412-268-1125.

For other questions, contact AAPM HQ:

Shantelle Corado
Programs Assistant
College Park, MD 20740-3846
E-mail: shantelle@aapm.org
Tel: (301) 209-3378
Fax: (301) 209-0862