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Minority Undergraduate Summer Experience Program (MUSE)

Minority Undergraduate Summer Experience Program Award Winners History


The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) Minority Undergraduate Summer Experience Program (MUSE) is designed to expose minority undergraduate university students to the field of medical physics by performing research or assisting with clinical service at a U.S. institutions (university, clinical facility, laboratory, etc). The charge of MUSE is specifically to encourage minority students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) or non-Minority Serving Institutions (nMSI) to gain such experience and apply to graduate programs in medical physics.

The mission of the AAPM is to advance the practice of physics in medicine and biology by encouraging innovative research and development, disseminating scientific and technical information, fostering education and professional development of medical physicists, and promoting the highest quality medical services for patients. This program supports this mission by introducing bright young scientists to the field of medical physics through summer fellowships.

Student Eligibility

Each applicant shall have completed at least 2 years of their undergraduate studies, but shall not have graduated, i.e. rank of junior or senior. Preference will be made to applicants that have declared a major or be eligible to declare a major in physics, engineering, or other science, which requires mathematics at least through differential equations, modern physics/quantum mechanics, electricity and magnetism or equivalent courses in engineering sciences. Minority Undergraduate Summer Experience fellowships are restricted to U.S. citizens, Canadian citizens and Permanent residents of the U.S.

2013 Student Application: Student Application (available December)

Fellow Application/Award Process

Each applicant must complete the AAPM-provided student application and ensure that it and all required supplementary information are returned to AAPM Headquarters by the due date. An application is not complete unless all information is provided. The Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Subcommittee consists of qualified medical physicists, who will review all applications and make final decisions regarding award of fellowships. Once the fellowships have been awarded, the Subcommittee Chair will work with each student to select an appropriate mentor.

Remuneration, Travel, and Local Accommodations

The summer fellow will receive a stipend of $4,000 USD payable to the host institution for the 10-week period. This is not a salary; it is meant solely to subsidize students so that they may participate in the program. There are no other benefits. The $4,000 stipend will be paid by the AAPM in two equal installments. If the summer fellow does not complete the full summer internship program they shall not receive the full stipend.

The summer fellow is responsible for health or any other insurance. The AAPM will not provide any form of insurance coverage for the fellow at any time and specifically will not provide any insurance coverage for the fellow while they are working and in a residence at a host institution for their summer experience. The mentor is encouraged to work proactively with the host institution to establish appropriate insurance coverage for the summer fellow ahead of their arrival. This might be achieved for example by the institution designating the Fellow as a "worker", "student trainee", "volunteer" or other appropriate personnel category. There are no other benefits.

Award Period

The fellowship will be for a period of 10 weeks during the summer academic period (May to September), which is mutually suitable to the mentor and fellow.

Mentor Qualifications

Each mentor shall be a faculty medical physicist in a university environment, a person working in a medical physics related field or a qualified medical physicist. It is preferred that the mentor be a full member of the AAPM. Each mentor shall be employed by a university, a research facility, a hospital or clinical facility, or a radiological industry within the United States. Each mentor will be required to submit a signed Indemnity Agreement to the AAPM.

Mentor Application/Selection Process

Each mentor must complete the AAPM Mentor Application and return it to AAPM Headquarters by the due date. The Summer Undergraduate Fellowship Subcommittee screens and selects qualified mentors who offer an opportunity for an outstanding research project or clinical experience in medical physics. In making that assessment, the Subcommittee evaluates the appropriateness of the project for junior or senior physics students (or equivalent), the qualifications of the mentor, the appropriateness of the laboratory and clinical facility, and the availability of administrative support.

2013 Mentor Application: Mentor Application (available December)

For more information, contact:

Jacqueline Ogburn
AAPM Minority Undergraduate Summer Experience (MUSE)
Education Manager
(301) 209-3394
E-mail: jackie@aapm.org