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COVID-19 Update

  • AAPM currently allows in-person meetings and AAPM-funded travel for those fully vaccinated, with the understanding that individuals may participate virtually if they do not feel comfortable traveling. Meetings at AAPM HQ must follow guidelines established by EXCOM as appropriate to circumstances at the time of the meeting.

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If you are seeking a medical physicist to fill a career, temporary (Locum Tenens), contract, or training position, please visit our Career Services Center.

AAPM is a scientific and professional organization, founded in 1958, composed of more than 8000 scientists whose clinical practice is dedicated to ensuring accuracy, safety and quality in the use of radiation in medical procedures such as medical imaging and radiation therapy. We are generally known as medical physicists and are uniquely positioned across medical specialties due to our responsibility to connect the physician to the patient through the use of radiation producing technology in both diagnosing and treating people. The responsibility of the medical physicist is to assure that the radiation prescribed in imaging and radiation therapy is delivered accurately and safely.

One of the primary goals of AAPM is the identification and implementation of improvements in patient safety for the medical use of radiation in imaging and radiation therapy.

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