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The Alliance for Quality Computed Tomography provides educational material to help meet The Joint Commission’s CT technologist education requirements

The Joint Commission’s newest set of Diagnostic Imaging Services Requirements went into effect on July 1, 2015. These requirements apply to accredited hospitals, critical access hospitals and ambulatory health care organizations, and require that technologists who perform diagnostic computed tomography (CT) examinations participate in ongoing education, which includes annual training on radiation dose optimization techniques and tools. The Image Gently and Image Wisely campaigns are specifically called out as essential sources of information for meeting this training requirement. Training is also required regarding safe procedures for operation of the types of CT equipment used by the technologist.

The Alliance for Quality Computed Tomography has published Power Point and PDF educational slides with information on how CT acquisition parameters and CT scanner features affect the radiation dose used for a given study, as well as how dose is reported and tracked. These resources are freely available under the Education Slides Tab at www.aapm.org/pubs/CTProtocols/ and provide generic and manufacturer-specific information that can be used in meeting these technologist training requirements. Radiation dose optimization techniques and tools, as well as the meaning of various CT dose metrics are included in these resources, which specifies the effect on dose of changing various user-selectable parameters (e.g. mA, kV, pitch, AEC quality setting). Images from various manufacturers’ operator consoles are included to help the learner visualize where and how to adjust specific parameters.

Please share this information with technologists and their supervisors at practices that you support, and take advantage yourself of these helpful educational resources.