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The MedPhys Match is administered by National Matching Services, Inc. (NMS), on behalf of AAPM and SDAMPP. Programs that are registered with NMS will obtain an NMS ID for each position or track (e.g., different start date, or length of program) that can be entered into MP-RAP. This should be done prior to creating the opening in MP-RAP, because the NMS ID is required to create a MedPhys Match opening in MP-RAP. Applicants also need to have an NMS ID number to apply for MedPhys Match openings so that programs participating in the MedPhys Match should not have to evaluate applicants that are not eligible to be ranked.

The Medical Physics Residency Application Program (MP-RAP) is a program started by the AAPM Workgroup for Coordination of Medical Physics Residency Programs (WGCMPR) to do the following.

  • Make it easier for applicants to apply for residency programs.
  • Reduce administrative burden for residency programs that have to process these applications.

You must register and pay the fee ($200 as of Sept 2012) for your program to be listed in the MP-RAP. This gets you one credit for a single opening (recruitment). Each time you recruit, you will need to pay the same fee again, but you do not need to register again. The fee is the same if you are recruiting for one position or multiple positions, as long as you are recruiting those positions from the same applicant pool.

If you are already registered in the MP-RAP, please click here to go to your openings (or click Login in the left side menu). If not, click here to register.

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