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MP-RAP FAQ for Programs (updated 09/29/2015)

What is the MP-RAP?
The Medical Physics Residency Application Program (MP-RAP) is a program started by the AAPM Workgroup for Coordination of Medical Physics Residency Programs (WGCMPR) to do the following.
  • Make it easier for applicants to apply for residency programs.
  • Reduce administrative burden for residency programs that have to process these applications.
What are the browser requirements?
Recommended Browsers include:
  • Internet Explorer 8 (or above)
  • Firefox 6 (or above, for Mac and Windows)
  • Chrome 11 (or above, for Mac and Windows)
  • Opera 10 (or above, for Mac and Windows)
  • Safari 5 (or above, for Mac and Windows)

Recommended minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768

Other recommended settings:
  • Enable JavaScript
  • Allow Pop-up Windows from AAPM.ORG
  • Browser plugin to display PDF (Acrobat 8 or higher)
  • Accept/allow Browser cookies from AAPM.ORG
The application file shows up as a single blank page. How do I view it?
In order to deal with digitally-protected PDF content (e.g., official digital transcripts), we have updated to a new PDF file format that some PDF viewers are unable to process. If you have issues viewing applicant files, please try using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.
I am an AAPM member. Can I just use my AAPM login information for the MP-RAP?
The MP-RAP institution and applicant databases are separate from the AAPM user database. If you are logged in to the AAPM site when you register, your AAPM credentials will be copied to the MP-RAP database. This is the recommended method, and you can see your AAPM login status in the black bar at the very top of any AAPM web page.
I am already registered in the MP-RAP. Do I have to register again?
If you registered in the MP-RAP, but are unable to access the Institution pages, you may have registered as an applicant instead of as a program. If so, you will need to go the Institution Login page to register your program. Your applicant ID will still be active in the applicant database, but that should not be a problem.
I registered but did not receive my activation email. Can you help me?
The activation email can get lost for a variety of reasons. If you were already logged in as an AAPM member, then you won't get an activation email. Try logging in to the MP-RAP using your AAPM credentials, or make sure you are logged at the AAPM home page before coming to the MP-RAP. If you were not logged in as an AAPM member when you registered, check your spam folder. If you need to resend the activation email, go to the Login page. You will find an entry blank for your MP-RAP user ID, and button to resend the email.
How do I get my program listed in the MP-RAP?
You must register and pay the fee for your program to be listed in the MP-RAP. Your first opening is included in the registration fee, and subsequent openings require payment of another fee.
I placed my ad on the AAPM careers site. Why is my program not listed in the MP-RAP?
The MP-RAP and the careers site are separate. Even if you indicate in the ad that you are using the MP-RAP, you must register as an institution in the MP-RAP (paying the fee), and then list your opening. It will then be available for applicants.
I have registered as an institution and paid the fee. Is there anything else I need to do?
On the Institution Info page, you should enter basic information about your institution or program. This is the information that applicants will see about your program, and applicants can bookmark your program (even if you don't have an opening). The Institution Users page can be used to add other users (e.g., administrative assistant) that can access your institutional pages. They do not have to register for the MP-RAP or activate their accounts. Only one person per institution should register. Finally, visit the Openings page to enter your opening. Doing that will make it available for applicants.
How can I get a receipt for my payment?
Click the Payment & Invoice link in the sidebar menu, then click on the invoice number for which you want a receipt.
Can I have multiple openings listed under one program or institution?
Yes. Although we expect that most institutions will have only one program, we do allow for more than one opening to be listed. For example, if you have a 2-year clinical training program and a 3-year clinical training program with a research component, you may want to list them separately. However, you will need to pay a separate fee for each listing. Note: For MedPhys Match positions, there is currently no fee associated with each posted position, and you are encouraged to have separate openings for each track. This allows applicants to rank their preference (e.g., 2-year versus 3-year program).
I would like my administrative assistant or associate program director to help with entering information and gathering the applications. Do they have to register for MP-RAP?
No. If you are already registered for the MP-RAP as an institution, you simply need to go to the Institution Users page and add them as a user. Only one person at each institution should register the institution, and that person should add other users. The other users can also add users if they wish.
The program director (or admin assistant) has changed, can you update the institution contact information for me?
Anyone that can log in to your institution page can add, change, or delete users for their institution. Look for the Institution Users link in the sidebar menu.
How can I see how many applicants have applied for my program?
Click on the Applicant List link in the sidebar menu. Applications that you see here should be complete, except possibly for reference letters. There are more details on that page.
How do I retrieve my applications?
The Applicant List page will show you a list of your openings. Clicking on the name of the opening will show you a list of individual applicants. Clicking on the name of the applicant will let the system know that you would like to retrieve the application. All of the files belonging to the application will be concatenated into a single pdf that can be downloaded.
Why do I have to pay to use the MP-RAP?
Both programs and applicants pay fees to use the MP-RAP. The fees that are collected cover the cost of creating and maintaining the system. Programs should find that the time saved by not having to manually match pieces of applications (e.g., transcripts, reference letters) should easily make the fee justifiable. Note: For MedPhys Match positions, there is currently no fee associated with each posted position. The fee that was paid to register with MP-RAP will remain in your account as a credit that can be used when the AAPM subsidy ends.
I have a valid credit card. Why was my payment rejected?
The payment is taken care of by the bank, not AAPM. For security reasons, the bank will check the entered billing address to verify that it matches your credit card information. The vast majority of payment issues are a result of a mismatch between the billing address and the address entered on the payment form. For example, if you enter your name in the address field, it will be rejected. If you are using a company credit card, the billing address is very often your home address. Before contacting us for help, you should make sure that all of the billing information is correct.
What information does the MP-RAP include?
The application will ask for the following information.
  • personal information (name, address, contact information)
  • ABR certification status
  • disclosure of criminal behavior, academic violations, and/or licensure actions
  • employment history
  • military service history (if applicable)
  • education (undergraduate and graduate)
  • names of 3 references (including one from current advisor or department head)
  • personal statement (max 3000 characters) indicating why you want to go into medical physics, and anything else you want to communicate to the applications reviewers (this is instead of a cover letter).
  • uploaded CV (should include awards, publications and presentations)
  • Uploaded Transcripts and a copy of TOEFL results (if applicable)
Our program requires that official transcripts be mailed directly, and a copy of the transcript is not sufficient. Can we require that applicants send us official transcripts?
You can require anything you like. The current recommendation is to verify official transcripts for those applicants that you choose to invite for interviews, or offer positions to.
I have a diagnostic physics residency program, and I don’t want to see all of the therapy applications. Why isn’t the applicant asked to indicate a preference for diagnostic or therapy to that I can more easily discard those that are not interested in my program?
Each program will only see applications from applicants that explicitly select that program from the list. Applicants are charged a fee to apply, so they should only be submitting applications to programs that they are interested in.
My program requires applicants to meet special requirements. How can I make sure that I don’t get a bunch of applications from individuals that are not qualified?
Making the qualifications clear in any advertisements will help a lot. You can also included information in the description for the opening that lists any special requirements. However, there is no way to guarantee that non-qualified applicants do not submit applications. It is best to make sure that the qualifications are clear in the posted ad, and on any program website that you might have.
Is it possible for me to see all of the applications instead of just those that select my program from the list?
No, it is not possible, and this is by design. If an applicant does not select your program from the list, you probably shouldn’t be taking the time to look at their application since they will probably not consider an offer from you.
I thought that one of the benefits of a Medical Physics Residency Application Program (MP-RAP) would be that programs would see more good applications. Are you saying that will not be the case?
The MP-RAP will make it easier for applicants to apply for multiple programs. We anticipate that (on average) applicants will apply to more programs. Anecdotally, many programs are seeing 2-3 times as many applications with MP-RAP.
Why can’t the MP-RAP include a match?
The MedPhys Match was created to satisfy this need. Similar to medical residency programs, we felt it best to separate the application and rank (match) processes.
Our application requires information not included in the current application. Can we get the application changed to conform to our requirements?
Changes to content are not possible at this time. The current application was created using information submitted by multiple programs. All programs were asked to contribute, so if the form does not include your information, your program probably did not respond to the initial request for application information. Please bring your requirements to the attention of the WGCMPR chair, and it will be considered for the next iteration of the MP-RAP. In the meantime, you can try to make it clear in your posting that you expect certain information to be sent directly to you.
What is the relationship between the AAPM careers site and the MP-RAP?
The AAPM careers site is primarily an career advertising and search site. They do allow job seekers to store files (e.g., CV) to send to employers via email. They also allow employers to specify whether applications can be sent via email or via a website. Sending residency applications via email does not meet residency program needs, so the MP-RAP was created to meet the needs of programs that did not already have an online application system.
What is the relationship between the MedPhys Match and MP-RAP?
The MedPhys Match is a matching program for medical physics residency programs being run by National Matching Services. Many programs that participate in the MedPhys Match also use MP-RAP to collect application data, but some may choose to collect applications in other ways. While there is some cooperation between MP-RAP and the MedPhys Match, the MedPhys Match is independent of AAPM.
The advertisement has a button to "Apply For This Job". How do I make that go to the MP-RAP?
When you are creating the ad, you can specify whether applications should be sent via email, or via an online form. If you specify the latter, you can enter any website address you like. You can enter the primary MP-RAP address (http://www.aapm.org/mprap/) so that job seekers are directed to the MP-RAP home page. In the future, you will be able to direct them to your specific program page within the MP-RAP that will have basic information about your program.
If I register for the MP-RAP, do I still need to place an ad on the AAPM careers site (or other place)?
No, but the MP-RAP is not intended for advertising positions. If you choose not to advertise (other than an open position in the MP-RAP), you will only reach those potential applicants that are already aware of the MP-RAP. Therefore, you may be restricting the pool of available applicants. Currently, the careers site has a generic MP-RAP ad that is updated once per month with a list of currently available positions. That may or may not be sufficient for your needs.
What does "incomplete data" mean?
Incomplete data has not been very well defined yet. The MP-RAP does basic checking of applications to see that major data elements have been filled in, but we are unable to check things like whether all transcripts have been uploaded. The original intention was to let applicants know whether applications would be considered if a reference was missing (for example). Some programs are going to be very strict on this aspect, and some will let it slide. Applicants should not really pay too much attention to how this is set (at this time) and should strive to make the application as complete as possible.
What does CAMPEP GRAD mean?
When entering data for an opening, you are asked to indicate a yes/no answer for CAMPEP GRAD. It is intended as a way for programs to indicate whether a CAMPEP degree or certificate is required for the position. Applicants can sort the list of openings based on this criteria, so you are encouraged to use it that way. If you require CAMPEP, indicate yes for CAMPEP GRAD, and also include that requirement in your description. If you are willing to accept non-CAMPEP graduates, indicate no for CAMPEP GRAD. If you prefer CAMPEP grads, feel free to include that in your description.
I have a question that is not answered here. Who do I contact to find an answer?
You can click the Contact Us link in the sidebar at any time to send us a question.If appropriate, questions and answers will be added to this page.