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Working Group on Robotic Brachytherapy
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  • Facilitate communication between investigators working in brachytherapy robotics.
  • Develop educational programs to appraise the AAPM membership and the radiotherapy community about brachytherapy robotics.
  • Establish guidelines for safe use and qulaity management in robotic brachytherapy.
  • Suggest guidelines for required accuracy of relevant motions and procedures.
  • Potentially assist in establishing national trials using robotic delivery of brachytherapy.
Bylaws:Not Referenced.Rules: Not Referenced.
Approved Date(s)Start: 8/28/2008
End: n/a
Committee Keywords: WGRB

Bruce Thomadsen
Workgroup Co-Chair

Yan Yu
Workgroup Co-Chair

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There are 13 members and guests.
Luc Beaulieu, PhD

9/14/2009  Member -
Robert  A. Cormack, PhD

11/12/2008  Member -
Jostin B. Crass, DMP

11/12/2008  Member -
Aaron Fenster, PhD

11/12/2008  Member -
Gabor Fichtinger, PhD

11/12/2008  Member -
Michael A. Meltsner

9/1/2009  Member -
Marinus A. Moerland

11/12/2008  Member -
Tarun Podder, PhD

9/18/2009  Chair , Task Group No. 192 - Guidelines for Image-guided Robotic Brachytherapy - 11/12/2008  Member -
Michael J. Price, PhD

7/25/2009  Member -
Mark J. Rivard, PhD

11/12/2008  Member -
Bruce R. Thomadsen, PhD

8/28/2008  Workgroup Co-Chair -
Yan Yu, PhD

8/28/2008  Workgroup Co-Chair -
Hualin . Zhang, PhD

11/12/2008  Member -

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