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The mission of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine is to advance the science, education and professional practice of Medical Physics; a broad-based scientific and professional discipline which encompasses physical principles with applications in biology and medicine. With 8760 members in 95 countries, AAPM supports the Medical Physics community with a focus on advancing patient care through education, improving safety and efficacy of radiation oncology and medical imaging procedures through research, and the maintenance of professional standards. AAPM has a staff of 30 and an annual budget of 11.5M, and is located at 1631 Prince Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

AAPM publishes two scholarly journals Medical Physics, and the Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics (JACMP), as well as an AAPM Report Series. AAPM sponsors three scientific meetings each year, a spring clinical meeting, a main summer annual meeting, and a fall scientific meeting (joint with the Radiological Society of North America). AAPM membership information and application forms are available online.

2017 AAPM Executive CommitteeThe 2016 AAPM Executive Committee

from left to right:

Todd Pawlicki, PhD, FAAPM - Secretary
Mahadevappa Mahesh, PhD, FAAPM, FACMP - Treasurer
Bruce H. Curran, MEng, FAAPM, FACMP - Chair of the Board
Melissa Carol Martin, MS, FAAPM, FACMP - President
Bruce R. Thomadsen, PhD, FAAPM - President-Elect
Angela R. Keyser - AAPM Executive Director

The Presidential Chain...

A candidate is elected to President-Elect Designate and moves to President-Elect on January 1 the following year. At that same time, President-Elect moves to President and President moves to Chair of the Board and Chair of the Board rotates off the Board.

President-Elect Designate
not yet elected.

Bruce Thomadsen

Melissa Carol Martin

Chair of Board
Bruce Curran

The 2017 AAPM Board of Directors

Christopher Baird
Bette Blankenship
J. Daniel Bourland
David Carlson
Laura Cervino
Ting Chen
Bruce Curran
Cesar Della Biancia
Blake Dirksen
James Dobbins
Frederic Fahey
Benjamin Fahimian
Mary Fox
Benedick Fraass
John Gibbons
Carri Glide-Hurst
Steven Goetsch
Michael Gossman
Kathleen Hintenlang
Angela Keyser
Eric Klein
Michael Kowalok
Yixiang Liao
Jeffrey Limmer
Jessica Lowenstein
Mahadevappa Mahesh
Rebecca Marsh
Melissa Carol Martin
Tariq Mian
Robin Miller
Jatinder Palta
Daniel Pavord
Todd Pawlicki
Paula Salanitro
Ehsan Samei
Jennifer Smilowitz
Koren Smith
Keith Strauss
Russell Tarver
Bruce Thomadsen
Iris Wang
Keli Wilson
Thaddeus Wilson
Genevieve Wu
Cedric Yu