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Program Information

  PROSTATEx-2 Challenge Tuesday - 8/1/2017 add to vcal | ical
Joint Imaging-Therapy Scientific Symposium 2:45 PM - 3:45 PM Room: PinS Room|Hall C

Moderator: Samuel Armato, The University of Chicago

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM
TU-G-PinS Room/Hall C-0 : PROSTATEx-2 Challenge
K. Farahani*, S. Armato*, K. Drukker*, S. Armato*
  2:45 PM

TU-G-PinS Room/Hall C-1
Grand Challenges and Public Image Datasets in Medical Imaging Research
K. Farahani*
  2:55 PM

TU-G-PinS Room/Hall C-2
PROSTATEx-2 Overview
S. Armato*
  3:05 PM

TU-G-PinS Room/Hall C-3
PROSTATEx -2 Analysis and Results
K. Drukker*
  3:15 PM

TU-G-PinS Room/Hall C-4
Winners to present work
S. Armato*