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  In Vivo Dosimetry / Transmission Detection Systems Wednesday - 8/2/2017 add to vcal | ical
Partners in Solutions Therapy 10:15 AM - 11:45 AM Room: PinS Room|Hall C

Moderator: Norman Lee Brown, Memorial Hospital Gulfport

10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
WE-D-PinS Room/Hall C-0 : In Vivo Dosimetry / Transmission Detection Systems
L. Mueller*, J. Clark*, C. Chevillard*
  10:15 AM

WE-D-PinS Room/Hall C-1
Dolphin & COMPASS: In Vivo/Transmission Detector Solution
L. Mueller*
  10:45 AM

WE-D-PinS Room/Hall C-2
PerFRACTIONTM – Automated Transit Dosimetry for In-Vivo QA
J. Clark*
  11:15 AM

WE-D-PinS Room/Hall C-3
EPIbeam & EPIgray, The Value of EPID Dosimetry for Beam Check and Patient Dose Reporting
C. Chevillard*